It seems like Costco is always rocking my world with some new mind-blowing delicious food. 

This week, it was Nuttzo, a nut-butter that contains 7 different high-nutrient nuts and seeds without any added junk. 

The first thing I did with it was smear it on top of some of our new favorite gluten-free pancakes.  

And being the smoothie fanatic that I am, I couldn't wait to create an ice-cold drink with it.  

Here's what I love about this product:

1. It has no peanuts. Peanuts are extremely moldy and are a common allergen so this makes it easier for everyone to enjoy it! (this company does have a peanut butter product as well, though!)

2. No added sugar. #winning

3. No nasty vegetable oils in this (or hydrogenated junk). 

4. Added superfoods like flaxseed and pumpkin seeds. 

5. It takes AMAZING!  

Nuttzo Banana Cream Shake 


1 frozen banana
2 T Nuttzo Butter
1 scoop collagen peptides
1 date, pitted
1/2 cup full-fat coconut milk (or milk of choice) 
big handful of ice

**Add all ingredients a high-powered blender. Blend until smooth...add extra water or milk if needed.

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