I'm a burger lovin' girl through and through. 

My husband knows that about 65 percent of the time I'm going to be in the mood for...a burger. That's why he married me. 

But, when you struggle with autoimmune issues that lead to very unpleasant side effects 9 times out of ten when consuming gluten, you work really hard at finding delicious substitutes that complete the burger experience. 

For me, I find that half of the burger experience is the sauce and avocado. Of course, nothing can replace a good ole brioche bun, but these sweet potato "buns" are an incredible easy and satisfying substitute...especially when smothered in hot sauce. 


This meal also works perfect for feeding kiddos as they can enjoy a plate with the burger patties, diced avocado and sweet potatoes. My boys absolutely loved it! 

Even though we always focus on eating a whole-food diet during this busy season of life, it's almost always a very simple combination of foods that only require 15-20 of time in the kitchen. 

You can make the sweet potato rounds in bulk on Sunday and reduce yet another step in bringing this meal together during the week. 

Fuel yourself well and you'll have the energy and health you need to live your best life! 

Beef Sliders on Sweet Potato Rounds

1 lb grass-fed beef
batch of sweet potato rounds
primal mayo
spinach or arugula
hot sauce

1. Heat a cast-iron skillet to medium-low heat. Season beef like you normally do for homemade burgers (garlic salt, pepper, salt, paprika, worcestershire is what we use) and divide in to small patties to fit the size of your sweet potato rounds. Cook until patties are medium-well.

2. Remove patties from pan. Add mayo and avocado to top and bottom "bun". Next add your burger + spinach. Serve with your favorite hot sauce or ketchup if you wish...and probably a side of pickles :) You can use toothpicks to hold them together better if needed. 

Let us make your life a bit more simple in the food department. Summit Fit works to simplify the process of getting healthy food on your plate. Learn how to make the 6 Power Foods a part of your daily routine to ease the struggling of figuring out what to eat for your best health. Our tribe is really to encourage, teach, coach, inspire and motivate you to be your best you!