Bread is delicious...let's just set the record straight. 

But more delicious than bread is feeling good when I wake up every morning and not having chronic cold sores and stomach pains and fatigue and seasonal allergies and anxiety. 

Those effects and more are just some of the things I deal with when eating gluten on the regular. A slice of sourdough here and there usually won't cause these issues for me, but keeping bread around the house leads to eating it more than just "occasionally." 

When I consume a "gluten" pancake, it's almost as if someone gave me a Benadryl mixed with a shot of anxiety. I can literally feel my brain and mood and energy levels go from totally normal to out-of-control really quickly. The more I eat, the worse it gets...and I contribute most of the debilitating health issues I had a kid and young adult to the heavy amounts of gluten I consumed. 

The day after eating pancakes, I'm dealing with stomach issues as it moves through me. I know, yummy. 

When you know that you know that you know that something you are doing or eating is affecting you in ways that diminish your quality of life, it's a no-brainer to make some changes. 

I'm never going to say....I'll never eat gluten again..... it's more like, gluten will never be a staple in my diet because I know it doesn't serve my body well. I live intuitively around the matter because there is a fine balance of doing what's best for my body and being obsessed with every bite of food I eat. For those with diagnoses celiac disease, your best 

If you, too, have similar issues with gluten (or suspect you might), here is a guide to some foods we consume to provide us with healthy sources of carbs (and satisfy those ravenous pancake cravings). 

First off, I live by the Summit Fit Way where the 6 Power Foods are the focus of our menu: berries, healthy fats, grass-fed protein, cruciferous veggies, dark leafy green and fermented foods. By consuming these food groups each day I have endless energy, healthy digestion, clear skin and positive moods. 

Secondly, I don't focus on "treats" as the  bulk of my diet because I want the majority of the foods I eat to be plants and healthy protein, not paleo desserts. I spend more money of gluten-free flours but we also bake significantly less than we used to so I feel it all balancing out on the budget end. 

With all of the said, carbs are extremely important and it feels good to have a list of staples to turn to when you are ravenous for some carbs (or pancakes)...which by the way, you should have zero guilt about. For those of you doing regular workouts, carbs are critical and you will crave them as fuel. 

1. Potatoes

Seriously, potatoes are almost like my oxygen.....gluten-free or not, they are a food group around our house. 

Everything from morning hashbrowns to sweet potato home fries to sweet potato rounds, we often make potatoes for 2 meals per day as we use them as a primary carb source to replace bread. Over time, I have come to crave potatoes as much as I used to crave bread. 

We eat our burgers on top of potatoes, poached eggs and mix it with raw sauerkraut. Potatoes truly go with everything so don't be afraid of them. Carbs aren't bad!  

2. Oats

Whether it the middle of summer or winter, when you're craving a warm carb-o-licious meal, oatmeal always fits the bill for us. 

We love it cold as overnight oats or hot and quick in our instapot in the mornings. I recommend soaking it to make the nutrients more available to you and ease digestion as grains can often be hard to process for some people. 

They also make great protein bars and desserts which you can find a plethora of recipes for on Pinterest! 

3. Cassava and Coconut Flour

Of all of the "paleo" flours out there, these two are hands down my favorite. With a starchy consistency, these flours provide the hearty carbs I'm looking for while mimicking the texture and taste of gluten-based flours extremely well. 

Stay tuned for lots more recipes in the future including a Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread recipe! 

Again, check out pinterest for some great ideas on using these two flours. 

4. Pamelas Pancake and Baking Mix

You didn't think we went without pancakes just because we eat GF, did you? This mix contains gluten-free grains, so it's not paleo, but it has a superb flavor and texture and satisfies our pancake craving just as a regular pancake does. 

If you're going for a paleo pancake mix, I recommend Birch Benders out of Boulder, Colorado. Sprouts has the best price for this one! 

5. Cashews and Coconut Milk for Thickening

Whether it's gravy or a creamy soup, flour and dairy, usually make up the bulk of those. We have been learning to create cheese sauces, gravies, soups and more from blending cashews and potatoes and full-fat coconut milk which works amazingly well. 

For example, my Creamy Chicken Pot-Pie Soup and Butternut Squash Soup are knock-your-socks-off amazing and you'd never know they weren't made with flour or gluten. 

6. Good Smoothies

Ultimately, when you are "craving" bread...your body is telling you it needs carbs. Smoothies are a great way to balance an intake of carbs, proteins and fats while satisfying your "sugar" or "carb" cravings. 

I have a bunch of different recipes to choose from on my blog like Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry Kefir, Green and Nuttzo Banana Cream. And the best part....they are all protein-powder free and use whole-food protein instead. 

If you're struggling with how to enjoy food and life again while living with food allergies and sensitivities, we have an amazing tribe of women who will help support you every step of the way and provide the resources, recipes and motivation you need to make amazing changes in your life!