I'm currently the parent of a 4 and 3-year-old....whom are both boys. Can I just tell you that they never stop?!

As soon as I clean up shredded pine cones in one room I hear screams from the other...he just hit me on the head with a hammer! I'm bleeding! Luke is throwing rocks at my head! Wipe my butt wiped! Isaiah is eating all of the food in the pantry! 

I'm fully aware that I'm paying my dues earlier in life with boys, but goodness I don't know if anything or anyone could have prepared me for the chaos of this stage of life. 

Even as a health coach who eats and craves nourishing food, I don't pretend to have endless energy running out of my ears. Although a healthy diet absolutely gives you loads more energy and mental focus, the mental exhaustion of raising kids, running a business and keeping up with the demands of life can (and will) make you feel like you've been hit by a bus some days.


I really am all for taking a quick cat nap when tired, especially if I've had less than 7 hours of sleep...but most afternoons you'll find me hunkered down with a cup of cold brew writing posts like this or workouts for my Summit Fit ladies. 

The truth is, I write my best content and come up with my best ideas after a good cup of coffee (or a workout). 

Coffee exports me to this place of creativity like nothing else...and helps me cook dinner while my kids are throwing forks at my head. I wish I were kidding. 

(By the way, having kids really is the best and most fulfilling adventure of my life...) #ButMoreCoffeePlease 


The wonderful thing about cold-brew is that it's really low in acidity, which is a great thing for the body. I've been getting the Chameleon brand from Whole Foods and just love how smooth it is with some good ole' cream. 

Additionally, the collagen I add to this is amazing as it's the main form of protein your body uses for your joints, skin elasticity, hair and nails.

I never drink more than one cup of coffee at a time or my body starts yelling at me via headaches, joint pain and anxiety. One cup in the morning and afternoon is my routine and something I'll never change or give-up (don't even try to convince me otherwise). 

I'd love to know what your energy-boosting afternoon secrets are and how you best survive parenthood, jobs and whatever else runs your life!


Afternoon Creamy Iced Collagen Coffee

glass of ice
dairy-free creamer
1 scoop collagen peptides
1/2 cup-ish organic black cold-brew coffee (i get mine from Whole Foods) or make some cold-brew from home

*Add ice to a glass followed by remaining ingredients. Stir well until collagen is well mixed (collagen is completely tasteless, btw). 

Enjoy with some sunshine and a good book....or for the entrepreneurs out there....a laptop, of course!