he alarm goes off and I quietly slip out of bed to throw on a cardigan. 

I walk to the kitchen where I can hear the sprinklers running outside and feel the cool breeze coming through the windows. 

I make a cup of pour-over coffee, grab one of the books I'm reading and then head out to the front porch to soak in some morning light and motivation. With kids who wake up early, I must be very intentional about creating this 10-15 minutes of space to begin my day. 

Some mornings I just choose to sit with my coffee and other days it's writing down a few intentions for the day or things that stood out from whatever I was reading. 

The time on the porch quickly turns into writing for both my blog and morning posts for my Summit Fit groups. I love getting to write something new and motivational each morning to help my clients start their day with positivity despite the chaos they might be experiencing at home. 

After 45 minutes of blogging and morning posts, I grab my boys so we can start in on making breakfast (trust me, there is lots of screaming, fighting, throwing objects and whining for food because they are starving to death mixed in this morning routine but my  husband often wrangles them during my writing time before he heads to work). Some days it's a quick yogurt + fruit + granola bowl and other days we make our favorite gluten-free pancakes or omelets with sweet potatoes. I cherish this time with them each day. 

Whether you have ten minutes or an hour to make breakfast each morning, I believe creating a nourishing meal for yourself and/or family is a practice worth doing for both your mind and body. The ritual of breakfast can start your day off in a healthy and energizing way. It's your choice to fuel yourself for a great day ahead. 

Here's the thing with morning routine....it's probably going to change over time. You have to be willing to be flexible with it. 

During some seasons I worked out early in the morning but right now it works better for me to do that mid-morning. Some seasons have meant sleeping in later because of kids not sleeping all night. When it's snowy outside during the winter, I'll put on all of my winter clothes and take a quiet walk in the snow. 

The point is this...your morning routine should energize you and give you space to think about your intentions for the day. 

I hope these recipes give you some new ideas on how to mix up your own mornings. We make the sweet potato home fries and meat on Sundays so those don't have to be cooked in the mornings.  


10 Energizing Breakfast Recipes

1. Two poached eggs over sweet potato home fries with a side of organic breakfast sausage. 

2. Superfood Oatmeal

3. Strawberry Kefir Smoothie

4. Carnita Bowl

*Add leftover carnita meat to a bowl and top with two poached eggs, avocado, sweet potato home fries, chopped green onions, black beans and your favorite green chili sauce! 

5. Frozen blueberries + full-fat, plain yogurt (we use Brown Cow) + 1 T chia seeds

6. Strawberry Spelt Muffins or Homemade Kefir Biscuits w/ two eggs any style 

7. Leftover seared steak with scrambled eggs, sweet potato home fries and avocado. 

8. Omelet (two eggs, chopped spinach + mushrooms + onions + peppers, and grass-fed cheese)

9. Nuttzo Banana Cream Shake

10. Warm Spinach and Egg Breakfast Bowl


**What are your favorite quick breakfast recipes??