Let me introduce you to Laura, one of my famous Summit Fit ambassadors who truly lives out the lifestyle in every way. 

Although weight loss was an initial goal of hers and something she ultimately achieved, what she capitalized on with Summit Fit was changing her entire mindset for life. 

I met Laura about 3 years ago when I walked in looking for my new hair stylist after moving from Kansas City to Denver. 

Luckily, I hit the literal jackpot with her and now have my dream locks thanks to her magic. If you're in Denver and need a rockin stylist, Laura is your gal. 

Since January of this year, I've gotten the privilege of watching Laura grow in so many ways. She truly embodies courage, boldness and perseverance and pushes herself out of her comfort zone on a regular basis through solo backpacking trips, learning new outdoor sports like skiing and rock climbing, training for half-marathons and radically transforming her diet to fuel her new challenges. She has even tackled doing box jumps on the 24 inch box in my gym after being terrified on the 18 inch box just a few weeks ago! 

I'm proud to know Laura and I know you will be inspired after taking a peak into her routine and life below!

**You can support her half-marathon race this October as she has set a goal of raising funds and awareness for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

I started Summit Fit in January of 2017 and have spent the last 8 months making the Daily Power Habits just that: a habit.

I’m an avid hiker, runner and gardener and Summit Fit has upped my game in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

I’ve lost close to 20 lbs and that is the least of my achievements.  I’ve become a noticeably faster runner and stronger hiker, but my mental strength and confidence is probably the thing I’m most proud of.

In July I hiked a 30 mile loop over four days with just my dog and LOVED EVERY SECOND. I didn’t doubt my strength, navigation skills or preparation at all. It felt amazing to be so self-reliant. Every day I employ the power habits taught in Summit Fit and that's what gives me the inner and outer strength to reach my goals.

This is a snapshot of what a typical Summit Fit day looks like for me:

6:30 am: My alarm goes off. I use the bedtime app to track my sleep, and I love that it has a gentle alarm, not the startling “beeeeep beeeep” that I used to wake up to. I get up and make myself a cup of coffee. While it’s brewing I drink half of a bottle of Kevita Kombucha (usually the the Lime Mint Coconut flavor). I started drinking coffee during the second round of Summit Fit, when I started incorporating intermittent fasting into my routine. 

I usually spend the time it takes to drink my coffee walking around my yard surveying my flower and vegetable gardens and soaking in my vitamin D.

7:30 am: Working out in the morning is the only way I can consistently stick to an exercise routine. On days I work I usually do a Summit Fit workout and on my days off I usually go for a run or head to the mountains for a hike. This summer I’ve made it up to the mountains at least once a week, and in the winter I plan to do the same and spend the day skiing or snowshoeing. 

11:00 am: First meal of the day! In March I did my second round of Summit Fit and tried intermittent fasting for the first time. I was sort of nervous to try it. I’ve always been a breakfast person, so I thought that “skipping” breakfast would set me of for a day of low energy or lunch bingeing. Turns out the hardest part was getting out of the habit of eating right after I got out of bed. 

Typically this is a pretty simple meal. Lately I have been making sautéed kale in coconut oil with a little lemon juice and grilled chicken or salmon with cherry tomatoes. If I’m out hiking it’s even simpler, usually almonds a banana and tomatoes from my garden.

4:00 pm: If I’m at work I can usually scarf down a snack around this time. Sometimes it’s a smoothie made with yogurt and a handful of nuts or maybe just yogurt + berries.

7:30 pm: Most nights I work until 7 so dinner happens sort of late. Again, I am super simple with food. With the intermittent fasting, dinner tends to be my biggest meal of the day. This summer, with my garden thriving, I eat zucchini or summer squash almost nightly. Sometimes we have it grilled on the side of steak or salmon, or quite often I’ll make zucchini noodles tossed with garlic and olive oil topped with Italian sausage. 

9:30 pm: My bedtime app on my phone alerts me at 9:30 to start getting ready for bed. Bedtime is at 10 so I try to spend the last 30 minutes of my day doing something relaxing. I’m not a huge podcast fan, I’m a hairdresser so I talk and listen to people all day. Earlier this summer I told my nieces about the basic concept of meditating so I’ve been incorporating that into my nightly routine. It’s a great way to also limit screen time before bed.

And there you have it! That is my average day since adopting the Summit Fit lifestyle.




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