After getting home from camping last weekend, cutting my finger badly the very next day...followed by leaving 3 days after that for a 4-day trip to California, workouts were less-than-impressive this week....but I love that you guys to get to see the good, bad, awesome and ugly with these weekly updates.

The truth is, taking a week off occasionally from heavier lifting and your regular routine can be extremely beneficial for your body. It gives your muscles time for extra healing and can actually improve your strength!

In fact, about 6 months ago I took a week off from traditional workouts and when I came back I was able to do my first strict pull-up without an assistance band! My body really needed that break. 

The biggest thing is to keep moving, even when you take a break from traditional workouts. As you can see below, I had yet another rest-day on Friday, but I got in 12k steps between house cleaning and packing. 

Habits may be manifested in different forms when your schedule changes, but the habits themselves don't stop, as we've described above. 

I may be enjoying a few pastries on our California trip, which is something I don't do regularly, but I still have foods like dark leafy greens, fresh berries, and lots of protein on my plate each meal as well. 

This trip to Half Moon Bay has been absolutely exquisite. Taking a vacation away from the city where you are forced to take walks on the beach, go to the spa and indulge in frequent naps is such a great idea. 

The down time has really inspired some things in my head and heart to move forward with in my business as I go home. 


I hope these workouts inspire you to move more, live well and adventure always! 


Monday: Rest day (we were driving home from camping)

Tuesday: (almost chopped my finger off cutting sweet potatoes...."rest" day...ha!)

Wednesday: ...more resting due to finger

Thursday: mixed things up as I still couldn't pull or hold any weights due to finger cut

-12 reps leg press machine @ 105 lbs
-10 bulgarian split squat jumps
-15 goblet squats @ 35 lb kettlebell
-10 med ball pushups
x 3 sets


-12k steps as we were cleaning + packing to leave for trip

Saturday: (travel day)

-2 mile walk on the Coastal Trail


*14 mile bike ride on the Coastal Trail to eat lunch at Sam's Chowder House at Half Moon Bay

*Hotel Workout:
-10 American Kettlebell Swings @ 35 lbs
-10 Swiss Balls Tucks
x 4 sets
-10 dumbbell bench press @ 30 lb dumbbells
-5 strict pullups
x 4 sets


-10 x 10 sec all-out sprints on the beach
a 1 mile walk/jog
-10 step ups (holding 25 lb dumbbells)
-10 box jumps
-10 single leg glute thrusts
-10 jump squats
x 4


My favorite foods I ate this week:

-grilled salmon (salt, pepper, lemon juice, garlic) + couscous
-steel cut oats w/ blueberries + maple syrup + pecans
-poached eggs over sourdough bread
-pastries from the Ritz...I'm all about honesty + balance, guys! 

I'd love for your to share your favorite workout from this past week in the comments below!