Meet Erika! Rockstar Summit Fitter who recently summitted her first 14er and lives out the lifestyle every day. 

Every Friday I will be highlighting one of your Summit Fitters and how they make this a lifestyle that truly changes their life and health from the inside out! 

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share with you a day in my life living Summit Fit. Rachel asked me to write a post about what the 6 Power Habits look like for me in a day in my life. Here’s a review for you:

6 Power Habits

  • 6 power foods

  • 15 minutes outdoors

  • 10 minute personal development

  • 30 minutes of movement

  • Daily accountability check-in

  • Goal creation/reviewing

The beauty of this program is that once I made these 6 Power Habits routine in my life, they aren’t something I have to “do” every day to be healthy. They consistently enrich my life every day and I’m doing them without thinking about it. Today was no exception, so let’s get started!

I started my day with 15 minutes outside walking my dog, Rocky. My day feels so much more productive and calm when I start my day out this way.

Today’s food was exceptional! I like to meal plan and prep for the week to help me make better choices without having to think about them every day. I typically eat the same thing for breakfast each morning, leftovers from the night before for lunch, and then get creative with dinner. I utilize my Pinterest board and a few food blogger websites to gain inspiration (SkinnyTaste, PinchOfYum, PaleOMG or AllRecipes) for the dinner options. Since today was Wednesday, I typically don’t want to cook by this point in the week, so crockpot meals I can prep and freeze really help.

Breakfast: PaleOMG breakfast casserole. Lunch: Tofu and Vegetable Teriyaki Bowl (out). Dinner: Crockpot chili with cornbread. Snacks: Blueberry kombucha, raw flax crackers, dark chocolate, plain greek yogurt with PB bananas and granola

After work, the weather was cool enough for me to go for a run. Since I hadn’t done my personal development for the day, I decided to try listening to a podcast while running. I’m so glad I did because I cut some time off my average mile run! Afterwards I made a quick smoothie with berries, peaches (thank you summer!), unsweetened almond milk and ice to cool down. I foam rolled and stretched which is so important for muscle strength and flexibility.

While savoring some dark chocolate I checked in on my day – I did good! The last bullet on the power habits (goal creation/reviewing) has really stumped me lately. See, I recently climbed a 14er (number 9/17 on my 17 Peaks goal for this year).

Moments after this picture was taken, I summited my first 14er gasping for air, crying, with the biggest smile on my face. I have never felt so proud in my life. I felt like an athlete. That moment was everything, and the view was breathtaking. What can top that feeling? I smile (and sometimes get teary eyed) when I think about that moment and all the work it took me to get there.

After that seriously epic day, I’ve been searching for a new goal to strive for on my journey. Goal-setting has always encouraged me to continue making healthier choices. I also thinks it’s really fun to think of the hardest, scariest, or most ridiculous thing I can’t currently do, and then make that my goal. Here’s a short list of my options:

  • Learn how to kayak and roll a kayak without getting eaten by a shark

  • Rock climb on a real rock wall

  • Run a 10km race in September with friends

  • Learn to surf without getting eaten by a shark

All of these are both petrifying (sharks) and exciting to me. The best part about goal setting is that I know one day I’ll get to do all of these things, it only takes some grit and a lot of bravery to take that first leap.

See you in Summit Fit in September!