I've been on the struggle-bus this past week. 

A combination of raising two, non-stop toddler boys who make sure I'm hyperventilating most of the day attempting to keep them alive + navigating the first week of Summit Fit being back open + traveling + attempting to keep up with a 1200 sq. ft. space (#boymomprobs).....has me spent. 


There are times that life feels a bit more laid back, but it hasn't really felt like that for a solid year. My husband and I have come to term with the fact that raising two boys only 20 months apart at the ages of 3 and 4 is just gonna be CRAY for a while. There's no other way around it. 

Self-care is an absolute must for me, because I experienced what it was like to not care for myself at all during pregnancy, after two extremely taxing labors that both left my body very broken, traumatic post-partum nursing and raising a kiddo on the spectrum and all that comes with that. 

I can tell you that no matter how much work I have piled up, I will never again make an excuse for self-care in the form of exercise, taking time to cook nourishing food, spending time alone, hitting play on the podcasts and other empowering habits that keep my motor going. 

Yes, I was on the struggle-bus this week, but my Summit Fit Tribe kept me going. They remind me why I never quit living my best. Even though I'm technically the Coach, they truly push me to be my best. 

Maybe fitness and food feels a bit obligatory to you...may I suggest you are thinking about it wrong? What if you viewed those things are essential of self-care just like sleeping and brushing your teeth. I promise, 15 minute of scanning Facebook will never fill your tank like 15 minute of movement or cooking a healthy meal. 

I hope my weekly workout recap inspires you to get some endorphins going this week! 


-12 step ups
-15 swiss ball tucks
-20 lateral shuffles over 24 inch step
-10 toes to bar


-400 Meter Run (1:50 time)
-15 box jumps

x 4 rounds

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: 2 hours of house cleaning (yes, when you sweat during house cleaning it totally counts as a workout!)

Friday: In the car all day on the road 

Saturday: Early Morning Hotel Workout 

-15 American kettlebell swings (#35 kb)
-20 Plank frogs (bring knees to elbows in plank position)
-globlet squats (holding #35 kettlebell)
-10 bulgarian split squats (per leg)
-10 single leg glute thrusts (per leg)
-8 bent over rows (using #35 kettlebell)
-12 dumbbell pushpress

x 3 rounds 

Sunday: riding in the car all day + nap in the hammock (okay, that's totally not a workout but #selfcare yall!!) 


-deadlifts 5 x 5 (#143 lb)

-5 pullups
-5 ring-row tricep dips
-10 tricep pushups
-12 box jumps 

x 4 rounds 

Foods/Equipment I brought on our road trip to Lincoln:

-Rx bars
-Life Equals Superfood Shots
-Roasted Almonds
-#35 Kettlebell (yes, I'm that crazy person carrying a KB around a hotel lobby)
-water bottle
-tennis shoes + workout clothes (duh..lol) 

What I ate in the continental breakfast area:

-black coffee
-banana w/ peanut butter
-large bowl of oatmeal w/ real butter, honey and raisins (they actually had oats in a pot just made with water..instead of the sugar-filled packets!)
-boiled eggs + salt


Would you love ongoing workout + accountability + meal planning coaching + overall health guidance? Join us now for Summit Fit Intro Course! 

What's your favorite form of self-care?