This past week was a blur. 

With getting Summit Fit ready to launch TODAY, I did a lot more sitting than normal....but still managed to make my workouts a priority. 

I have a great system down where I take my youngest kiddo to the YMCA childcare and I both workout and work. By choosing to work at a gym, I have zero excuses to not get a good sweat in before I start my tasks. 

Sometimes you literally need to put yourself in the right place with the right people to create better habits in your life. 

Habits truly do not happen overnight. It takes time and consistency for it to become a natural part of your day.

If you grew up in a family that didn't eat well or spend much time being active, it might be a struggle to choose those things now as an adult. However, with the right plan and accountability, anything you desire can become a new habit! 

On Sunday, I knew I wanted to get away to the mountains as I had put in so much screen time during the week for work. We did some casual hiking and had breakfast at Echo Lake. If you are looking for a wonderful place to take your kiddos that is close to Denver, I highly recommend this spot! 

Below are some of our pictures from yesterday. I hope to see you in our Summit Fit group. Grab your spot today! 


10 x 30 second park sprints + 3 mile run 


Lifting: Completed this before moving on to WOD. 
-5 x 5 front squats (maxed out at 105)
-5 x 100 jump ropes 

-21 Thrusters
-15 American Kettlebell Swings
-12 inverted ring pullups
-9 burpees
x 3 rounds


-3 mile walk on the High Line Canal 

Thursday: rest day

Friday: Arms and Abs

-15 sumo squat w/ upright rows (used 35 lb kettlebell)
-8 suspended tricep dips
-10 ab wheel rollouts
-1 minute plank hold
-10 med ball pushups
x 4 rounds

Saturday: rest day 

Sunday: casual hiking with our kiddos