The best advice I can give to someone who is struggling to make fitness a habit is to....


During one of my times of daily personal development this week, I read an amazing quote:

So often when we say we are unqualified for something, what we are really saying is that we are too scared to try it, not that we can't do it. 

Is that not so true? With fitness excuses, I often hear...

"...but I wasn't an athlete or coordinated in high school."

"...I've never been good at sweating."

"...I really just don't have time."

"....I don't know where to start."

I completely understand those feeling of fear and inadequacy, as I experience them often as a small business owner. 

Here's the deal though, if you have a body, you're an athlete. If you have a body, sweating will feel good because it means you are releasing feel-good endorphins and strengthening your mind. 

Give yourself a chance to succeed. Because truly, you will, but you have to start.  

Whether you want to run your first mile or do a real pull-up or train for a triathlon, it starts with that first step. 

As you'll see, my Sunday workout from this week was done using a pine tree at the park near our home. I used the branches for pullups and to place my feet on for decline pushups. I could have just sat and watched my kids, but since daily movement is a habit, I used the time to get a quick sweat while my kiddos jumped around on the tree. 

And I should note, pullups are one of the best workouts to build lean + strong arms as they use so many muscles together. I highly recommend building up to pullups so you can do a killer arm workout in a short amount of time anywhere you go where there is a bar or sturdy limb. 

I hope these weekly workout posts inspire you with new ideas! You can always view my youtube channel to watch videos for each move! 


-15 Thrusters
-12 Renegade Rows
-8 Single-Leg Glute Thrusts (per leg)
-10 Burpees
x 4 sets


-100 air squats
-75 ring tucks
-50 deadlifts (#85)
-25 pushups
-one round for time! 

Wednesday: rest day


-20 Walking Lunges (#25 overhead)
-12 Inverted Pullups
-15 Wall Balls
-x 4 sets

Friday: rest day (lots of cleaning around the house)

Saturday: walked to and from light rail + around downtown Denver for a total of 3 miles


Park Workout--
-1/2 mile warmup walk
-5 pullups (on a pine tree branch) x 4
-20 jumping lunges x 4
-12 decline pushups x 3
-monkey bars (down and back) X 1 round
-1/2 mile walk cool down