Rachel is the kind of gal who just gets the Summit Fit Lifestyle. Adventurous living, taking risks and fueling her body for her are a natural part of her life. 

You will find pictures of her sprinting her guts out on our private group page, practicing regular yoga and plates filled with fresh produce from her backyard garden. 

When you put yourself around women like Rachel, you can't help but be inspired to get out of your own way when it comes to living your best life.

P.S...A few of the 6 Power Habits, which are the foundation of Summit Fit Living, have changed since Rachel wrote this post. You can join the Intro Class to get immersed in the lifestyle and Power Habits yourself starting this September! 

Meet Rachel and her day-to-day Summit Fit Living!


Typically, when you hear something like "Six Power Habits" you think of an impossible list of things that will only add to your already busy day. Because let's face it- we all have a packed schedule in some way or another. Work. School. Kids. Fill in the blank. However, that's not the case in the day of a Summit Fitter! These are things you can easily accomplish with minimal added time.

Power Habit 1: Take a probiotic + eat 1/2 cup fermented food

This one normally happens before I even leave the house! I take my probiotics in the morning with breakfast so I don't forget later in the day. I've also gotten into the habit of eating raw sauerkraut with my farm fresh eggs! Sometimes breakfast includes a glass of kefir as well. So, boom- I haven't even left the house yet and have nailed power habit 1! 

Power Habit 2: Get in 30 minutes of movement

I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Done. Haha, seriously though- 30 minutes. That's it. Make it part of your daily life. Have dogs? Take them for a walk. Kids? Take them for a walk. Husband? Take him for a walk. My point- this is so easy. It's not our bodies that get in the way of this. Our bodies can easily do 30 minutes of movement. It's our minds that get in the way. "I'm too busy"..."There is laundry that needs to be folded"...etc, etc. Do squats while you fold laundry! I've done this. Or held chair pose while patting my baby's back at bedtime. Seriously, I have a solution for every excuse. Throw it at me!!!

Power Habit 3: Eat the 6 Power Foods

-Pasture raised animal protein, eggs, Wild caught fish

We have chickens, so this is just part of our life. I've also made it a point to put wild caught salmon on the menu every week. Makes my life easier (one less meal I have to plan!) and I'm checking it off my list!

-Organic berries

We have wild blackberry bushes on our property and grow strawberries in our garden. (This also gets me 30 minutes of movement and way more than 15 minutes outside!!!). If you don't garden, make a container of blueberries a staple on your grocery list. Easy peasy.

-Healthy fats

I eat avocado every single day. I'm a California girl. I would be breaking some sort of unwritten law if I didn't. I also cook my eggs in coconut oil. They are so creamy and decadent! I have to eat anyway, so this literally takes no more time out of my schedule. It's just a matter of swapping what you used to use for better choices!

-Dark leafy greens

This seems to be a hard one for folks. I love spinach in my eggs. Breakfast is my favorite. And I can hit every power food at breakfast! We frequently throw a simple salad together for lunch or with dinner. 

-Cruciferous veggies 

I. Love. Brussels sprouts. Love them. Even for breakfast. Sautéed with coconut oil, bacon, and garlic. Throw an egg on top. Mmmmmmm. Broccoli. Not my favorite. But, my body has started craving it since beginning Summit Fit. 

-Raw, fermented foods

Raw sauerkraut scared the you know what out of me. I started with a bite and didn't die.bThen a few days later, I bumped it up to a couple bites. Now- a big ol' healthy portion is just part of my day.

Power Habit 4: Personal Development

10 minutes is all you need for an amazing boost of positivity and encouragement. Podcasts, books, meditation, journaling- whatever it is for you. Squeeze in 10 minutes. You won't regret it! Do it on the way to work- you have to drive there anyway. Lunch break. While folding laundry. I love listening to a guided meditation before bed. Yoga is my thang- so meditation is typically my go to.

Power Habit 5: Fifteen minutes outside

I could spend 15 HOURS outside!!! You guys. If you can't get 15 minutes of time outside- then you need to take 30. Go for a walk. Garden. Mow. Read a book. Do yoga. It doesn't have to be sprints (although I enjoy those!!). Eat a meal outside! 

Power Habit 6: Eat 20% protein + 50-100 grams of carbs each day  

Not gonna lie- this one caught me up. I was thinking "math and measurements and what?". It's so not like that. You eventually do it without even thinking about it. Your body is AMAZING and will tell you what it needs. And with a little bit of practice, it truly becomes a habit.

Seriously, these things don't consume my day. They are habits. Habits you will never regret having. And did I mention my entire family is included in this?! A meat and potato raised husband and two sweet toddlers. Summit Fit is not a gimmick. There's no "end". It just becomes your new normal! A new, beautiful, healthy, adventurous normal!!


Are you ready to join the Tribe and finally find a lifestyle that is fun and sticks forever? We are ready for you!