I love it when the majority of my "workouts" for the week take place doing activities in the outdoors.

This past weekend we went on a 4-day camping trip to Steamboat Springs with some of our good friends from Denver and got to hike, kayak and paddle board during our stay. 

Sunday morning we hiked Han's Peak which was a 3.75 mile round trip with 1,300 foot of elevation gain.

I got to experience getting rained on for the first time on a Colorado hike. I have to admit, the light rain added a wonderful element of adventure to the trek. The dampness made the pine trees smell extra strong and the colors of the wild flowers pop.

The top of the hike had a bit of scrambling so I would rate it as moderate but it was an absolutely breathtaking hike! 

Being the morning bird that I am, I got up to watch the sunrise each day which included either a walk or paddle boarding adventure. I took my good camera and listened to the sounds of the wild while watching the most glorious sunrises....including the one in the picture below. 

The fog was stunning with the mountains as the backdrop. I certainly stopped in my tracks and took in the beauty. 

In Summit Fit, we make being outdoors a big priority. I believe it's the best way to get more movement into your life without it feeling like a forced activity. 

When health becomes your adventure, it feels less like a to-do list and more like part of your every day life. 

My advice? Choose at least one outdoor activity to make a regular part of your routine. Then, use food as fuel for said activity. Healthy food isn't a punishment, it's a means to living your best life.  

My takeaways from this week were:

1. Take frequent breaks from social media. It's good for the soul. 

2. Let yourself be "bored" in nature....you need the space for creative thinking/living to flourish in your life. 

This week's movement recap:

Monday: @ 5 set
*5 reps deadlifts
*10 reps glute thrusts w/ 25 lb dumbbell
*5 reps toes 2 bar

Tuesday @ 5 sets
*5 reps front squats @ 105 lbs
*10 reps walking lunges/carrying 25 lb weight above head
*5 reps modified handstand pushups
*5 reps suspended ring dips

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday - 4 mile trail run

Friday @ camping
*30 minutes of stand up paddle boarding for sunrise

Saturday @ camping
*30 minutes of stand up paddle boarding

Sunday @ camping
*30 minute sunrise walk
*4 mile hike @ 1200 ft elevation gain (Han's Peak)
*30 minutes of kayaking
*30 minutes of yoga + movement on the paddle board
-10 pushups
-10 lunges/leg (so hard on the paddle board!)
x 3 sets
various yoga movements (downward dog, warrior)

Let us know what your favorite workout from this week was in the comment section below!