After hiking two "14ers" this past weekend, I am feeling both inspired and tired on this Monday morning. 

I did manage to take a glorious two-hour nap yesterday afternoon and avoid almost all activity (minus cleaning the house a bit...ugh). 

I'm feeling inspired because I got to watch a Summit Fit client hike her first 14er with our group. She has worked her tail off the past year to prepare physically for that challenge. The grit it took her to get to the top was inspiring. 

Every time I hike a 14er or do a challenging outdoor activity I remind myself that this is why I do squats and pullups and box jumps and all of my other movements each week. I do it so that I can tackle challenging physical adventures that take some mental grit. 

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This week I did about 1-2 days less of strength training than normal as I like to take it easy when I know I have a really long and challenging hike at the end of the week. 

Here's to another week of hitting goals and stepping out of our comfort zones! 


Sunday: 4 mile trail run @ 9 minute/mile pace 

Monday: walked to the park with boys (1.2 miles total; 12k steps during the day)

Tuesday: 5 sets (no break between exercises; rest 1:30 after each set)
*5 bench press @ 90lbs
*10 pushups
*5 lat pulldowns @ 95lbs

Wednesday: rest day 

Thursday: 5 sets (no break between exercises; rest 1:30 after each set)
*5 barbell hang cleans-5 front squats (no break in between) @ 85 lbs
*5 strict pullups
*15 wall balls (16 lb wall ball)

Friday: rest day (I never workout the day before a 14er)

Saturday: 10 mile hike with close to 4k foot of elevation gain (walked a total of 42k steps that day)

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What did your workouts look like last week? What are your big goals behind working out?