It's currently 65 and rainy here in the Mile High City and I'm soaking in this rare moisture with an Almond-Flour Scone + a cup of good Joe. 

This moment over my coffee and scone got me thinking about this client I worked with about a year ago that hardly saw the scale move an inch. 

She ate the right foods, worked out regularly and maintained healthy habits. 

She lost dress sizes, improved her anxiety and stopped needing daily naps because her energy levels were so great.

But...the scale. The numbers didn't budge a whole lot. 

Could she have really been shrinking and healing her body from the inside out without seeing the numbers on the scale move?

Yes, and I see it all of the time with women. 

We have this ideal of what healthy should look like in American and often times that ideal takes a great deal of unhealthy choices for many women to achieve. 

If you're naturally skinny and more muscular, I'm not talking to you. 

I'm talking to those of you who eat real food, move regularly and maintain healthy habits but don't see a big drop in the scale. 

In order to see a drop in the scale you have to restrict carbs to unhealthy numbers and grind yourself into the ground with daily workouts. 

You have to screw up your hormones and stress out over ever bite of food to see things budge on the scale. 

This lifestyle ultimates leads you to burnout and quitting healthy habits altogether because let's be honest, that's not sustainable. 

Why is it so hard to see the scale move for some? Because your body is happy and healthy at the weight it's at and the weight loss may not come at the pace you desire.

Is it really worth it to lose your cycle (or milk-supply for nursing mamas) and screw up your hormones and risk premature osteoporosis and live in a state of constant stress to attain a body ideal that an image-obsessed culture framed as healthy?


So, how do we shift our focus away from the scale and six-pack abs and macro-counting obsessions? 

First off, we do it by stopping all of that madness and then turning our attention to how we can better nourish the body to achieve our absolute best health. 

We focus on how we feel in the mind, body and spirit instead of what the scale tells us what we should feel.

You set goals to do more pushups and eat more green veggies and do a first pull-up instead of spending your days obsessing over numbers and how your pants fit. 

Make habits your focus instead of numbers, because ultimately, if your body needs to lose weight to be it's healthiest, it will with the right habits in place. 

Let me repeat that: your body will lose weight as it needs with the right habits in place. 

I know how hard it can be to know what to focus on when it comes to healthy living, so, I created a Daily Fitness Progress Tracker to help you turn your attention to what your body is trying to tell you instead of that liar-of-a-scale. 

This tracker will help you gauge whether the choices you are making with food, fitness and everything in between are propelling you forward or back. 

I understand this can be a touchy subject for many women and many of you out there might have 100 pounds you desperately need to lose to get your life back... but please do not let a scale and the pursuit of six-pack abs run your life. You have a beautiful, adventurous and purposeful life to lead.

Go live it strong. 

P.S...Registration for the Summit Fit Intro Course + the Academy will be opening up in August. Stay tuned for the full-time launch of Summit Fit in September! I teach women how to ditch the diets and adopt powerful daily habits that heal the body from the inside out. 

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