Ten years ago I was probably walking into the dining hall at my college campus headed straight for the cereal bar to pour by regular morning bowl of Frosted Flakes. 

As a side, I would enjoy a slice of wonder bread with grape jelly + a glass of chocolate milk. 

It's no wonder it was so hard for me to pay attention in school. Talk about a morning sugar bomb!

I won't tell you what I consumed the rest of the day....you can probably take some wild guesses. 

If I were to eat a bowl of Frosted Flakes today, I would probably feel as though my body were being invaded by something foreign. After all, that's what fake food is....foreign substance to the body. 

The goods news is I not only enjoy my food more now, but also feel better than I ever have in my life. 

Sure, if you would have given me the option below ten years ago I would have stuck my nose up and laughed! My journey to real food didn't happen overnight but I truly couldn't be more thankful that changing my diet revolutionized my life. 

My engine (body) runs so efficiently today, without aches and pains, energy crashes, skin breakouts, bloating, and brain fog, that I can't imagine going back to eating mainly processed foods. 

You may be in a similar place as I was ten years ago, wondering if it's really possible to eat more whole foods. 

I'm here to tell you, it is. You will. 

Today, when I crave "cereal" or something on the carb/sweeter side for breakfast, I enjoy my favorite superfood oats. 

In fact, I sat on the porch and sipped hot coffee while gazing at the morning sunshine while consuming these this morning. 

Living a life fully alive means you nourish your body and soul each and every day. 

Batch of soaked morning oats

-pumpkin seeds (high in magnesium + health fats and protein)
-peanut or almond butter (obviously, peanut butter is always necessary)
-bee pollen (a complete source of protein + helps prevent seasonal allergies)
-hemp seeds (a complete source of protein + amazing source of omega-3-fatty acids)
-plain, full-fat kefir (has 14 different strains of good bacteria to heal your gut)

**Follow instruction for soaked morning oats and add listed toppings for your hearty morning bowl of oats!