I have a confession: I drank this entire smoothie by myself. 

Yes, it's suppose to be two servings but if you're really hungry and need some good carbs, this smoothie is your friend. 

Let me just cut straight to the chase and tell you exactly why you need this smoothie:

1. Kefir

A gut-healing probiotic liquid that tastes amazing and offers a host of beneficial bacteria to repopulate your gut so you burn fat effectively, improve digestion, and achieve optimal health. 

If you want to take the benefits up a notch, get grass-fed kefir and you'll be getting a hefty dose of omega-3-fatty-acids to keep your brain and nervous system functioning at it's best. 

2. Peanut Butter

Do I really need to explain why this is a good idea? Okay good. Moving on. 

3. Chia Seeds

Fiber, ya'll. Fiber. If you eat a gluten and grain-free diet for the most part like myself, you might be wondering where you can get more fiber. 

The answer is always: more veggies and chia seeds. 

With 5 grams per serving, these little seeds pass through your body and remove toxins and junk that is built up in your digestion tract. 

Additionally, chia seeds offer an impressive amount of antioxidants (these guy reduce your risk of cancer and inflammation) and omega-3-fatty-acids. 

4. Raw Cacao

A powerful food full of antioxidants and gut-healing properties, it is the perfect crunch to add to the tops of your smoothies. 

Here are my other tips when drinking this smoothie:

1. Consume it on a strength training day as your body will need those healthy carbohydrates to replenish what you burned during your activity. 

2. Stop worrying about calories. If you're hungry, eat. This smoothie has an impressive macro profile with 20% protein and only 19 grams of net carbs (carbs minus fiber). You also get a wonderful amounts of fats! 

3. If you have IBS or other issues when consuming a hefty amount of fat, drink this smoothie slowly and have a couple of digestive enzymes before you drink it. I do this with almost every meal as I have a very sensitive stomach and often do not properly break down my nutrients so this helps tremendously! 

Vanilla-Chia-Peanut Butter Kefir Smoothie

1 banana
1/2 cup plain kefir (use 1/4 cup if you're used to really sweet smoothies) 
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 T chia seeds
2 T peanut butter
ice if banana wasn't previously frozen
water or almond milk if needed to thin out (I had plenty without this)

Blend and top with 1 tsp raw cacao nibs! 

If you would like to view this recipe and the fat/protein/carb breakdown on myfitpal.com you can check that out HERE!