Mornings can be a very rushed and chaotic time for many people, unfortunately. 

You may not be able to change the circumstances of your mornings, but taking a few minutes to center yourself before the chaos begins can lead to a more relaxed and productive day. 

One of the most important things about these rituals is that you can't look at your phone or computer before you complete them. 

I can attest to the fact that a morning which begins with screen time never ends well.

1. A hot drink.

There's nothing more grounding than holding a hot drink. Coffee time becomes my form of meditation to focus on deep breathing (something I don't do much of in motherhood), thinking about my goals for the day, and simply sitting for a few minutes (if I have my toddlers contained, that is)

To me, meditation is simply focusing.

This season can feel really out of balance quickly with two completely dependent, strong-willed humans running around. 

I have a child who wakes up extremely early every day, so I simply give him an activity to work on or put on PBS and remind him that mommy is having quiet, coffee time (obviously this doesn't always work out perfectly, but we are getting there). 

Do not feel guilty about taking a few minutes away to yourself, whether that be from your job or child. You will be a better human all day if you get intentional about sitting down with a hot drink, without a screen, a few minutes each morning.

2. A 10-minute motivating read or listen. 

You can do this while you drink your hot coffee or after, but putting inspiring thoughts into your mind is a great way to gain perspective for your day. 

In Summit Fit Academy, this is one of our daily power habits because having your mind in the right place is absolutely essential to a good, productive day. 

One of my favorite podcasts is The Charged Life, by Brendon Burchard. 

3. Pen and paper. 

Another extremely grounding activity, writing is a powerful way to put intention on paper. 

I work with clients all across the world who can't seem to find their motivation for change. The truth is, motivation comes after you start. And for me, the best way to start is to put my intentions out there....often on paper. 

You can choose to write whatever you wish, but let me make some suggestions for where to begin.

1. What are your priorities/goals for the day? What are going to be the most life-giving activities you can accomplish?

2. How will you accomplish those goals? 

3. Jot down the random thoughts going through your head as you drink coffee. You never know where those will lead. 

.....Now, I challenge you to create your very own morning routine for a more productive day! 

Are you looking for more support in your health and life? Did you know a good plan is key to changing your habits, not more motivation? Join us for the next round of Summit Fit Academy where we focus on mindset, real food, functional fitness, community, and adventure to truly make a lifestyle change.