1. Did I do something that mattered? 

I think too many of us are just going through the motions of our days and trying to get back to the couch so we can drown our stress and worries and frustrations in some more Netflix...and whatever food we happen to find in the pantry. 

What if I told you this cycle you are living is sucking the literal life right out of you and preventing you from joy and health and peace?

Living a life of discipline might seem exhausting and useless if you already feel tired and worn out, but I'm here to tell you, it's where you will find your path to doing something purposeful that brings you more joy and happiness in life. 

When you stop going through the motions and find purpose in your day-to-day grind, you will be able to answer this question with a resounding yes. 

Yes, I did something that mattered and it felt really awesome. 

2. Did I feel in control of my choices and schedule?

In order to answer yes to the first question, we have to be in control of our choices and schedule. Of course, there will always be unexpected events happen and you ultimately can't control everything, but you can control how you react to those situations. 

The best place to start with this is a morning routine. 

Here is our morning schedule today (with my two toddlers):
-get everyone dressed
-eat breakfast
-go to gym for two hours (my workout + work time; all of this has a plan too so I don't waste time)
-head home for work-book time (an activity book my kids love to work through)
-take oldest to afternoon school

Now, there are obviously meltdowns and time-outs and spilled water cups and everything else in that mix, but we have a plan...we know what's next...and we can better execute that even amongst the hiccups. 

Maybe you feel out of control with eating all of the junk in the break-room? How can you make a plan for that? How could you change your morning routine to set you up for more success at work?

3. Do I feel accomplished?

Deep down I believe each and every person wants to feel accomplished at the end of a day. 

When we engage in meaningful and productive activities, the body releases endorphins which interact with our brain and let us know we did something positive.  

It's why you feel amazing after you help someone or go running or finish a project or take steps towards starting that business. 

You are created and wired to be an accomplished being. 

4. Did I turn doubts, fears, and anxieties into opportunities for growth?

Without fail, the mind likes to throw all of the doubts, fear, anxieties, and insecurities at us every single day. 

What did you do about that today?

Did you let them run the show or did you take charge?

My Summit Fit Academy clients are required to spend 10-15 minute per day on personal development to recharge their mindset. 

You will crash and burn at times, but you have the power to regroup and use those thoughts to grow. 

For example....

..you're in the break-room with the cookies you always eat too many of...and you're trying to stop. 

The thoughts start to come:

You've always been overweight, there's no way you have the will-power to turn down those cookies. 

Those other people who resist cookies don't have the sugar addiction that you do. You're always going to fail at making better choices.

Okay, I hear you "mind", but here's the deal:

Motivation has nothing to do with success; it's a choice. And today I choose me and my health and my desires first, not what the cookies are screaming at me. 

Everyone is tempted by sugar but I want to fuel my body so I can feel amazing and live out my potential. Yes, I will probably be tempted many more times, but today, I'm walking away to something better. 

5. Did I move closer to my goals/desires/dreams today?

Why are you on this earth? What do you want to accomplish? What goals do you have?

Did today move you closer to those?

Let me share with you a few of my goals:

1. I want to broaden my reach so I can inspire more women to live out their potential. 

To do this, I write more posts like this and build my newsletter list and do more live videos on Facebook. Those things were definitely intimidating when I started, but my mission isn't to be the best blogger or speaker in the world, it's to inspire more women.

2. I want to create a schedule for my kids so they can thrive. 

Did I take the time to create a schedule for them? Did we follow it? How did my day set them up to thrive?

3. I want to lead 14k foot mountain climbs with my Summit Fit ladies this summer. 

This requires training so my body can be prepared for that. If I'm eating junk food and sitting too much and not hydrating, etc I will never be able to accomplish that goal. 


Apply the same principles to yourself. Know your why. Know your goals. Know your desires.