When I help women change their eating habits, I truly want it to be an enjoyable experience that doesn't feel overwhelming. 

My motto is: keep it simple, especially when you are first starting out.

If you want to whip up some fancy meals, you can certainly do that, but starting with buffet styles meals is the way to go in order to please the whole family and keep it healthy at the same time. 

We do buffet style lunches almost every day at our house, and often for breakfast and dinner as well. 

It makes it easy to cook/prep food in bulk on weekends and pull out for easy week-night dinners. 

For the following meals, simply lay out all of the ingredients and let each person choose the foods they wish to enjoy. This is perfect when you have picky eaters.  

You can get so creative with this type of eating and really vary your vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbs, etc with the seasons! 

Meal 1: The Cobb Salad

-leftover seared sirloin or grilled chicken or organic ham
-boiled eggs
-roasted nuts
-green onions
-a combo of spinach, red leaf lettuce, butter lettuce (or greens of choice)
-cherry tomatoes
-cheese (optional): blue cheese or feta for adults + grass-fed/aged white cheese for kiddos
-primal ranch dressing or a homemade dressing made without canola/soy/or other vegetable oils

Meal 2: Taco Bowls

-grass-fed beef or turkey taco meat or other meat of choice
-diced tomatoes or salsa
-shredded raw cheese
-pinto beans
-guac or avocado
-white rice (cooked in bone broth) or one-pot Mexican style quinoa
-diced cilantro
-full-fat, plain yogurt or cultured sour-cream (cultured dairy has very little lactose so it's easy to digest and full of good probiotics!)
-shredded spinach or romaine or dark leafy green of choice
-frozen boiled corn, with grass-fed butter
-diced onions, jalapenos, bell peppers

Meal 3: Breakfast Bowl

-scrambled eggs
-raw sauerkraut
-sauteed onions + jalapenos (or other peppers)
-Sweet Potato Home Fries
-pasture-raised bacon or pork
-blueberries or strawberries in plain yogurt

Meal 4: Burger Bowl

-grass-fed beef burger, crumbled (or bison, turkey, vegetarian, etc)
-Sweet Potato Home Fries
-grass-fed cheese, shredded
-avocado or guac
-fermented pickles or sauerkraut
-spinach, swiss chard, or kale, diced
-sliced tomatoes
-sauteed onions and peppers of choice
-roasted garlic
-ketchup, mustard, and sriracha for dressing!