Fear is hands-down the number one reason people don't do something they ultimately would benefit from. 

They are afraid they'll fail. 

..afraid they won't have time. 

...afraid it will be too hard.

...afraid of what others will think of them. 

I know, because I'm human and have the same fears. 

Last summer I started my business full-time and created my first-ever online program. It was meant to be conducted on an interactive Facebook page with a group of women. 

I worked hours and hours and hours on this project...

and only one person signed up. One. 

I was humiliated and decided I would never be good at this "business" thing. 

But something inside of me couldn't stop.

Summit Fit Academy was born out of this humiliation and frustration and has helped hundreds of women in just a few shorts months of it's existence get in the best shape of their lives.

If I had let that frustrating time last year stop me in my tracks, hundreds of women wouldn't be where they are today with their health and life. 

For you, maybe it's your health. 

See, getting healthy isn't the popular or easy thing to do (just like starting a business)..it's way easier to keep eating your junk on the couch while you watch Biggest Loser than get up and eat a big salad and do a workout. 

Most people want to get up and do something different but they think it won't be worth it or they'll never follow through long-term...so they just never try. 

The thing is, health is rather simple, but it's not easy to achieve in a culture of junk and Netflix, otherwise, everyone would be healthy. 

As a coach, here are the 3 reasons most people are scared of change when it comes to healthier habits:

1. You are scared it will take too much time.

Here's the deal, you have to eat so why not put that energy towards foods that help you feel awesome? 

You have to move, so why not put that effort towards moving more so you can be strong, fit, and confident in your skin?

You have the same amount of hours in a day as everyone else, why not put a bit of extra time towards habits that help you thrive?

2. You are scared you'll have to give up everything they love. 

I used to drink 3-4 mountain dews per day. You could never have convinced me ten years ago to give it up. 

But then something shifted in life and I realized what my potential could be and that certain foods and habits were just holding me back.

And guess what, I haven't had a soda in years and truly don't miss it. 

I also don't miss the sugar crashes, skin breakouts, headaches, low-energy, and everything else that comes with soda drinking. 

What if you could give up something you think you love and begin to love something new even more...like amazing health, vibrant energy, glowing skin, and feeling confident in your skin? 

3. You are scared of failing. 

The fear of not achieving what you set out to is scary. I get it. 

What if I don't lose weight?

What if I fail to actually eat healthier or do any exercise?

The truth is, no matter what habit you are trying to change, it takes time initially. 

But what do you have to lose? 

What if one workout turns into 100 which turns into you looking, feeling, and functioning like a whole new person..mentally and physically?

P.S...I specialize in equipping and empowering women to make changes that turn into lifestyles. I know exactly how to overcome fears and take small steps towards big changes. I created a program for busy women like you to ensure that you learn how to thrive in your health and life. Join us for May Summit Fit Academy to be inspired, empowered, educated, and equipped to make the changes you need to reach your goals.