You know where my best workouts take place?

At the park. 

In the mountains. 

When most women think about an effective workout, they envision treadmills, gyms, and sweat droplets melting away all of their fat. 

Am I right?

An effective workout means you are building functional strength. 

How do you build functional strength? By taxing your muscles and pushing them past their limits. 

This weekend while my boys and husband were playing basketball at the park, I did a 15-minute workout. 

4 sets of:

-pullups (5 reps)
-pushups (15 reps)
-jumping lunges (20 reps)

I did enough sets + repetitions to truly tax my muscles. Basically, it was hard. 

That last pull-up on each set required me to recruit large amounts of muscle fibers which in return burns major calories after my workout and builds lean + strong (let's just say it, sexy) muscles and tissues. 

But burning calories and building sexy muscles means nothing, really. 

The best part is I'm getting stronger each time. I can throw my kids higher in the air and carry more groceries into the house (because two trips is not acceptable).

I can hike 10 miles instead of the 3 I could do two years ago. 

I'm also building stronger bones and ligaments and joints. 

One of our previous neighbors is 91. He stills shovels his snow, cuts limbs off of his trees while standing on the top rung of his ladder, climbs on top of his roof to remove leaves, and drives his car. 

You know what his wife told me?

He works out...every day. Without fail. 

He never misses a day, she says. 

And he doesn't have a gym membership. 

And, get this, he doesn't do bicep curls!

Turns out you don't have to do bicep curls until your blue in the face to be fit. 

P.S...I create short + sweet workouts in Summit Fit with functional movements that don't waste your time. You can choose between home or gym workouts and I will be offering a PARK workout guide on this next round in May. Additionally, you get an outdoor workout guide + we will be doing a group hike with local participants in Colorado! 

We would be thrilled to have you.