If you haven't taken my Summit Fit Academy program, you might be a bit in the dark about why it's so unique, effective, and life-changing for the women who go through it. 

Over the summer of 2016 I hiked five different 14k foot mountains. During the challenges, joys, and adventures of these treks, I decided I wanted to created a program that would help women truly reach their healthy potential in life--their very own "summit", if you will. 

I set out to create a program that would fuse adventure and health into one program, giving women the support, resources, education, and coaching they need to push past the limitations they've put on themselves and truly understand what a healthy lifestyle looks like. 

The Summit Fit lifestyle is unlike the program your trainer will give you at the gym or the weight loss package you bought on line. It's a place where women can finally come to fall in love with healthy living--a lifestyle they can take with them no matter where life takes them. 

So, what exactly makes the Summit Fit Lifestyle so unique and effective?

1. We don't count calories (but we do lose weight and burn fat very effectively).

Participants are encouraged to eat grass-fed butter, whole-fat yogurt, and a variety of calorie-dense foods that people often avoid on diets. 

Our focus is on healing the gut, the microbiome that controls much of your immune and nervous system. When the gut is healed, we see a steady increase in weight loss, improved digestion, and less mood disorders like anxiety and depression. 

If we simply look at calories, we not only fail to lose weight long-term, we neglect our overall health by consuming "low-calorie" foods loaded in chemicals and preservatives 

Throughout the 4-week program, I provide daily handouts that offer comprehensive education as to why we are implementing things like The 6 Power Foods, outdoor adventure, and personal development. I want the women to truly understand why adding in fermented foods or eating more dark leafy greens heals the gut and promotes weight loss in the body. 

2. We make getting outdoors a priority. 

I believe the best place for women to find health is in the outdoors. This will obviously look different for everyone, but sunshine, fresh air, and the scents of nature have healing effects that cannot be found in a gym environment.  

After being introduced to the Summit Fit Lifestyle, many of my participants are taking on challenge likes climbing 17 peaks in 2017 and pushing past their limits on the trails around Colorado. 

One of The 6 Power Habits the women aim to complete each day is getting outdoors. This can look like a short hike on a local trail, walking to the park, sitting in the back yard with a good book, or stepping out of the office frequently to get some fresh air. 

Starting in May, I will be leading a hike with local Colorado participants during our 4-week program. Each successive program will include an outdoor group event to really bring together the heart of Summit Fit. 

3. Community is the name of our game. 

From the get-go, the women in my groups discover the true power of a supportive community when it comes to following through with their goals. 

I've had so many Summit Fit participants message me absolutely raving about the supportive community within Summit Fit and how without it they would have never been able to reach their goals without it. 

They are required to post a daily update of their nutrition and fitness accomplishment for the day, along with other details around The Power Habits. I make this a requirement because it's what keeps the group moving forward with momentum, excitement, and enthusiasm.

At the end of the day when people are tired after work, the common American thing to is binge watch Netflix with a tub of ice-cream in hand.

In the Summit Fit Lifestyle, we are working against the constant temptation to put pleasure before our health. By having a supportive community of women all working towards a common mission of reaching our healthy potential, we have the power to make better choices.   

4. We set long-term goals. 

The heart behind Summit Fit is to equip and empower women to truly create a lifestyle of health they love--habits that energize every aspect of their lives

In an effort to get the women out of this short-term mindset of "just lose the weight", we set goals for the long-term. 

When you set goals for down the road, you are working towards something instead of just doing a 21-day program and moving on.

Some examples of these long-term goals are doing a first pull-up, hiking a 14er, or running an 8-minute mile. The goals can be anything, but it's a constant motivator to maintain habits that help you reach your potential. 

5. Personal development is non-negotiable. 

As an entrepreneur, my mindset can truly make or break my journey. This same holds true for any person going after a goal. 

One of the 6 Power Habits is to spend a few minutes each day listening to a motivational podcast or reading a book to keep a sharp and inspired mind. 

Our brains are made for learning and challenge on a daily basis. We truly thrive best physically and mentally when they are doing a combination of the two. 

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