Long before we moved to Colorado, back in 2014, I had a love for the western US. The dry climate, constant sunshine, mountains, cool nights, and desert terrain is truly my happy place. 

Going on three years of living here, I still feel like I'm on vacation most days. That might seem strange to some people, but I truly thrive in this state. 

The lifestyle here is one that is spent outdoors and it is contagious! 

Until this past weekend I'd never been farther west than Utah, but I'd been dying to see California, particularly the foodie capital of the US, San Francisco. 

Although I love being in nature and away from the hustle and bustle of city life at times, I also have a deep love for big, beautiful, bustling cities and the exploration of them. 

The big windows in our hotel suite provided the perfect view of the Bay Bridge. Sitting in front of our big windows each morning watching the sunrise light up the bay and all of it's bustle was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever laid eyes on.  

We are definitely not the type that likes to do anything that normal tourists might do. I like to pretend like a local when I'm visiting places. 

I once went to Queens, NY for a weekend by myself and totally just sat at a random coffee shop and watched people for hours and then perused the isles of the local organic grocery store. 

During our visit we...

hiked on the Coastal Trail

played on a black sand beach for a few hours

visited Tartine Bakery (a famous sourdough bakery)

kayaked by the Bay Bridge

rented a Zip car and drove to watch the sunset at Muir Beach Overlook 

drank coffee as we walked along the pier

drank coffee at a shop and watched people out the window

enjoyed fresh oysters on the half shell

ate our first Puerto Rican food

visited the Farmers' Market across from our hotel

ate street tacos by the Bay Bridge

and took in the many sights of beautiful San Francisco. 

Let's just say that regular visits to California are definitely on my list. Daniel and I both work remotely so we are excited about traveling more with the boys! 

Thanks for the memories San Fran. We will be back.