Whenever I take on new clients through my VIP program or Summit Fit Academy, my mission is to equip them reach their potential, not just a number on a scale. 

When your approach is to optimize the health of your mind, body, and spirit, the habits you adopt will truly be life-changing for all areas of your life. 

Most people start out January 1st with goals and aspirations for a successful, healthy year--however, statistics show that the majority of people never make it past month one.

I believe this is because we don't take a lifestyle approach to our health.

Because when you take a lifestyle approach--healing the mind, body, and spirit--you don't just add in some exercise and better foods, you adopt habits that set you up to thrive. 

What kind of habits or approaches am I referring to?

1. Spend time in daily personal development

Every morning I spend between 5 and 20 minutes listening to a motivational podcast. I might do it while cooking breakfast or on the way to the gym. 

It's a non-negotiable for me as it inspires me to be intentional and productive with the day ahead. 

Think of personal development as a workout for your mind. 

A positive and productive mindset takes time to grow and develop, just like your physical muscles; and once it is fine-tuned, it will be a powerful tool that carries you into reaching your goals. 

2. Surround yourself with a community of like-minded individuals (or hire a coach)

A positive mindset will carry you a ways, but without a community of supportive people (or even just one encouraging friend), those hard days when the journey gets frustrating can feel lonely and isolating, often sending you back into old habits. 

We often get so busy with the chaos of life that we neglect building relationships that are meaningful and purposeful in nature. 

Do your friends encourage you to be your best? Are they challenging you to grow? Do their lifestyle choices inspire you to live healthier?

I know you can't do this journey of life alone, which is why I created The Healthy Habits Power Community

Come join us as we work together to create healthy habits that help us reach our potential. 

3. Make a game plan--both short and long-term. 

If you just set a goal to lose weight and stop there, you have zero incentive to keep going or working towards something bigger.  

Goals are the fuel on our journey and keep us inspired to keep going. 

I challenge you to set both short and long-term goals that provide you with a mission. 

For example, last year, I set a goal to be able to do my first real pull-up. Every workout over the past year was to move me closer to that goal. Now that I can do several pullups, I am encouraged to keep setting bigger goals. 

I've had clients set goals to take on more challenging hikes or climb 17 peaks in a year

And goals like....

I'm going to eat 2 cups of green vegetable everyday so I can feel my best everyday. 

I'm going to get in 30 minutes of daily movement so I can be a stronger mom. 

I'm going to increase the weight on my squats so I can climb my first 14er. 

Those types of goals provide enjoyment and purpose on the journey; weight-loss surely follows suit if needed, but there's a lifestyle change that happens along the way. 

4. Know Your Why

Can I just kindly suggest that weight-loss not be your why?

The scale is extremely deceiving and often not reflective of your true progress. Losing weight is what I like to call an "empty why"--it lacks underlying purpose that enriches your life. 

Because I know you probably love Target, I'm giving you permission to go buy a flashy little journal to use as a medium to record your why. On the remaining pages, take notes of your daily journey. 

I'm going to reach my healthy potential so I can be a stronger mom, live a longer life, feel energized when I wake up in the mornings, take on bigger physical challenges, have a strong and healthy mind, etc. 

If you feel so incline, I'd love for you to share your why in the comment section below. You are worth feeling your absolute best and reaching your potential in this life.  

I know you can get there.

And you can start, today. 

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