One of the things I love about the Summit Fit Lifestyle is that it teaches you how to take your healthy living every where you go, i.e. vacation. 

The ultimate goal of the #summitfitlifestyle is to feel your absolute best every single day. This means having a happy tummy, good energy levels, and optimal moods. 

This past weekend my husband and I took a trip to San Francisco sans kids for some good coffee, amazing food, and exploring. I absolutely fell in love with the city and definitely plan to go back! 

I've had several clients ask how I stay the course when traveling, so I wanted to share a few ways I do this including our beautiful hike. 

1. Quality food

When traveling, my husband and I like to find farm-to-table restaurants so we know the food is locally sourced and prepared fresh without chemicals and preservatives. Plus, the food is so much tastier than what you get at chain restaurants! 

We enjoyed amazing food and coffee from Tartine bakery, Reveille Coffee, Plow (best breakfast ever) and had some fresh oysters, Peruvian cuisine, and much more! 

2. Getting outdoors

You'd think we'd be all hiked out after all of the trails we hike here in Colorado, but I was absolutely dying to do some outdoor adventuring in San Francisco. 

We ended up hiking the Coastal Trail, which was about 3.5 miles and absolutely breathtaking. Seeing all of the green foliage in the humid climate was a nice change of pace from our dry, high-desert landscape in Colorado. 

Towards the middle of the hike we veered off on the Fisherman's trail head towards a black sand beach. What a pleasant and breathtaking surprise to walk barefoot in the sand right on the beach with only a few other people in sight!

No matter where you are traveling to, take time to find a local trail to hike, run on the beach, walk the city streets, or catch a workout in the hotel. Movement is essential to our daily health. 

3. Self-care

On this trip we managed to "sleep in" until 6:30 every day and get a couples massage one evening. As much as we enjoyed being on-the-go, it's so important to pamper yourself when the opportunity arises. 

As a culture we often run on empty and forget to make time for rest and rejuvenation. This only leads to imbalanced hormones and a slew of other health problems. 

4. Practice Moderation

It goes without saying that stuffing your face with junk during vacation is only going to leave you tired and cranky for all of your activities. 

My advice is to save the desserts and bread products for the evening instead of morning. If you fuel up with lots of protein, fats, and veggies during the first part of the day, you are doing to have lots of energy to truly enjoy your trip. Save the heavy carb choices for the evening as they will crash your energy levels. 

Also, instead of having dessert at every meal or an entire dessert at a sitting, eat one dessert per day and cut it in half. If you're not used to indulging in high-sugar desserts, you are going to pay for over-eating sweets. The goal is to feel good while traveling, not sick and tired from too much sugar/bread. 

Lastly, if you choose to drink alcohol, keep it to one or two drinks per day or for the entire trip. I promise you'll thank yourself! 

If you are ready to jump on board with the Summit Fit Lifestyle, please send an email to to reserve your spot for my next group in May. It is truly a life-changing program that offers the support, resources, and plan to help you look, feel, and function your absolute best.