I get it....you're either preparing food, traveling, having another "discussion" with an extended family member or running to the store for the 5th time today to grab another ingredient you forgot for the big meal.

Both the change in schedule + interaction with more family causes major anxiety in a large majority of people (yep, I'm in that group).

Why is this??

It's because you already have too much stress and not enough self-care going on in your life and then you expect to add more during the holidays and be fiiiiine.

Here's the deal....you're not going to be fiiiine.

Your body, particularly your hormones, are going to pay the price.

Hormones affect your energy levels, weight, mood, metabolism, digestion, skin and everything in between.

If you really want to enjoy your holiday season with balanced hormones, you're going to need to set some boundaries (ugh), care well for yourself and learn when to say no.

I know, none of your type-A family members are going to like this system of boundaries, but that really doesn't matter.

Here's what I want from you the next two months:

1. Eat foods that energize your system, reduce bloating and balance hormones.

Think half of your plate full of veggies at every single meal. Adding protein and healthy fat to your plate. Not eating the entire dessert but filling up on some blueberries and yogurt instead.

I'm not ruining all of your fun, I'm teaching you how to have fun. Because I promise you won't have fun if you're run down, lethargic, bloated and anxious no matter how much you loooove the holidays.

2. Schedule a self-care habit every single day.

Go on a walk (i need you moving 30 every single day), read a book, go to a coffee shop by yourself, take a hot back, go to a yoga class, get 7 hours of sleep.....

I don't care what it is but it needs to recharge your system. Self-care means you are taking the load off of your adrenal glands and thyroid so your body can keep your hormones balanced.

Not taking care of yourself is your fast track to weight gain, poor digestion, fatigue and chronic disease. And yes, food and fitness are self-care.

3. Say no.

Aunt Sue baked her famous apple pie and cheesecake and biscuits and wants you to eat all of it at every meal.

Your mom, aunt, sister and cousin all want you in different places at the same time.

You have 14 nieces and nephews who are all expecting gifts.

It's family game time (again) but you need a small break.

....you get the idea.

Boundaries are a beautiful and messy thing, but you need them. It's healthy for you and others around you to know that they are not in charge of you and you are not in charge of their feelings.

If you think all of this people pleasing, being everything to everyone and letting other people run your life isn't jacking up your stress hormones, think again.


As for me, I'll be doing all of the above as well for the next two months, taking my veggie superfood shots when I'm on the road, getting my sweat on every day, enjoying food without comprising my health and focusing on serving and loving people rather than pleasing them.

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