In my humble opinion, Sundays deserve the best of food without the time in the kitchen.

This past Sunday, before we headed out to church, I spent a total of 5 minutes dumping the ingredients below into the crockpot. 

About 5 o'clock, I opened the lid to a roast that was literally falling-off-the-bone.

My husband asked what my secret was for getting the meat so tender....

As much as I'd love to take credit for it, fortunately, I had nothing to do with the work it took to create a mouth-watering meal!

Here's the deal...if you haven't enlisted the good ole' crockpot to cook your meals on the regular (especially on Sundays when you should be napping), you are missing out on one of the best tools for getting nourishing food on your plate without taking time away from your schedule. 

This meal will stretch into many additional meals throughout the week. 

We plan to make the following meals with it:

*add BBQ sauce and serve over roasted potatoes
*turn it into a soup
*make an open-faced sandwich on sourdough bread
*enjoy it with a side of sweet potato home fries

Cooking a few meats in bulk each week is how we manage to always have food prepared without having to spend time in the kitchen every single day. 


Easy Sunday Crockpot Roast

3-4 lb beef chuck roast
5 whole carrots
6-8 red potatoes, halved
1 onion, roughly chopped
2 boxes organic condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 1/2 cups beef broth
salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste
4 T tapioca starch (for making gravy)

1. Grease a large 6-quart crockpot.

2. Place chuck roast into crockpot + remaining ingredients. 

3. Cook on low for 8 hours and serve! 

4. To make gravy: Strain liquid from meat and veggies. Add liquid to a small pot. Take 1/4 cup of liquid out and place in a small bowl with 4-5 T tapioca starch. Mix well to create a thick sauce. Add back to the pot of liquid and simmer until thickened. Serve over meat and veggies.