You leave for the house at 7:30 every morning, work at your desk all day and then spend an hour sitting in traffic before getting home at 6:30.

By the time dinner is over and the kids are in bed you are toast. in the world is one suppose to squeeze in a workout to all of that?

Modern-day women are not only pulling 40-60 hour work weeks but also taking care of household tasks, running the kids from place to place and trying to maintain relationships in the meantime. 

And you want to know what they are not doing? Taking care of themselves.....

Women are doing it all....except taking care of themselves.

If there are any self-care habits on their list, they land at the very bottom and rarely take priority over what they "have" to do. 

The #1 reason my clients in those same shoes are finding "time" for movement and more green food boils down to one thing....

....they've prioritized self-care. 

They've decided movement is empowering rather than a punishment for what they ate. 

It's this simple (yet difficult) mindset shift that changes everything they do. 


In this season of life my workouts happen at different times (and places) every day because my schedule always changes. 

What doesn't change is the fact that movement is a self-care priority in my life.

I know that just 10-15 minutes of movement will reduce my stress levels, give me more mental focus the rest of the day and improve my overall strength and heart health so I can do more things I love like climb mountains and chase my kids around with a soccer ball. 

This week my workouts were short and sweet...which means my body is still building lean muscle + strength effectively without spending hours in the gym (I'd much rather be chasing my kids at the park). 

You'll also notice that my Saturday workout was done entirely with my 4-year-old. He did all 4 sets with me and ran around the house for each of our "interval runs". I love that we can spend quality time together in this way! 

Another one of my workouts was done at the park using the monkey bars and a pull-up bar. 

I've simply decided that living my life strong is not optional so whether I move at the park, in my living room or a hotel room, I'm making it happen. 

I just bet you, also, can get creative and schedule 10-15 minutes of movement into that crazy schedule of yours and you'll feel more empowered than ever. 

Weekly Workout Recap 


1 mile run
-7 pullups (hammer grip, palms facing inward)
-15 american kettlebell swings (#35 lb)
-12 pushups
x 3 rounds

Friday: rest day

Saturday: (done with my 4-year-old!)

-20 dumbbell thrusters
-20 renegade rows
-20 second run around the house
-20 renegade rows
-10 kitchen table inverted pullups
-20 second run around the house
x 4

Sunday: (done at the park)

-1.3 mile walk to the park
-10 pullups
-10 toes 2 bar
-down and back on monkey bars
x 2

Monday: rest day


-20 wall balls
-20 burpees
-20 bulgarian split squats (per leg)
x 3

What do your weekly workouts look like?