This morning, over on my Rachel Meyer Fitness Facebook pageI was talking about how you have to find joy in the process of getting healthy. It's the only thing that will sustain your journey long-term. 

Before we moved to Colorado, I was on a 3-year fitness hiatus. Partially because I became a mom, but mostly because the low-fat praising, calorie-counting, vanity-obsessing fitness industry left me feeling empty and without purpose. 

Surely, this is not what "health" looks like, right? We're suppose to stop eating fat, the stuff that keeps the brain and joints healthy, all in the name of losing weight?

I quit training clients and went and worked on a 15-acre urban vegetable farm where I learned the ins-and-outs of growing, harvesting, and selling your own food. 

It was an eye-opening experience that led me to get certified as a Holistic Health Coach. 

It was at that point in my journey I knew I never wanted to look back on the fitness industry in the traditional sense. 

Fast forward to my two-year journey into living in Colorado. I can say confidently, having worked with hundreds of clients over the past 8 years, that my passion is helping women find a healthy, balanced lifestyle that brings them just as much joy and adventure as it does weight loss and fitting back into "pre-baby" jeans. 

Fitting into those "pre-baby" jeans can seriously rock a mom's world, but if she isn't finding purpose and joy on the journey to those smaller jeans, then I've simply taught her that weight loss is more important than being happy. 

The pictures above are from a hike I did with some dear friends this past weekend. We ventured into the Boulder, Colorado area and adventured for 8 miles up Bear Peak

The leaves had just started to turn. The smell of pine overwhelmed our senses. Temperatures started out in the 40's.

We laughed, told stories, and encouraged one another in our entrepreneur journeys. 

As we ascended 1800 ft of elevation gain the last half mile, our quads were burning and heart rates were up, but when we reached the top to eat our lunch and gaze upon beauty, the struggle to the top already seemed a distant thought. 

That. That is joy in the journey. 

If all you've ever known about getting "healthy" is counting calories, ditching everything you love, and striving towards a better appearance, I apologize. 

There's so much more. 

I love helping women find passion, health, and adventure in every faucet of their lives through my 1-on-1 coaching. Yes, you will lose weight. Yes, we will talk about meal planning and eating more whole foods. Yes, I will challenge you to add regular exercise to your routine. 

But, that won't be our focus. 

Our focus will be helping you find a "purpose" and "why" in your journey + how to make small daily changes that help you create healthier habits. 

Want to chat more about this? Find me over here

In the meantime, find ONE healthy habit to add to your routine that brings more purpose, joy, and adventure to your life. 

What is your favorite healthy habit or hobby?