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I tried Whole30— I made it to day 15 and couldn’t continue because it wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle for me. What I love about Summit Fit is the freedom I have to eat a wide range of healthy foods and not feel deprived.

You have a desire to be your best in life, but getting there seems rather daunting with the busy schedule you maintain. 

You've been trying to change your habits, but nothing seems to stick for more than a week or two. 

You want to feel in control of your choices and have energy to live a more abundant life.

You want a tribe of people to hold you accountable every step of the way. 

What is Summit Fit?

Summit Fit is a sustainable lifestyle that equips and empowers women to achieve their best life through the 6 Power Habits™. 

The Intro Course is a 5-week class that immerses you in the Summit Fit Lifestyle and is a stepping stone to joining the Academy. 

The foundation of the Intro Course and Academy is the 6 Power Habits™: creating a powerful mindset, engaging in functional movement, consuming real food, participating in outdoor fitness/adventure, setting purposeful goals and engaging in a thriving community.

We don't count calories, stuff our food into containers, or obsess over macros because I believe in giving you the power back through comprehensive education and coaching to make the best choices for your body. 

We learn how to truly change our habits long-term and heal the body from the inside out. 

We come in all ages, sizes, and shapes, with different needs, goals, and desires. 

But, we come with a single purpose and mission: to live our best life now.

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Why Summit Fit?



Just as I had been empowered on my own journey, I wanted women across the world to experience the same.  

So, what exactly sets Summit Fit apart from other health programs?

*Sustainable Lifestyle Change

We don't focus on weight loss and getting six-pack abs (yes, many women lose weight, but if that is your focus, you miss the big picture of creating a lifestyle change)

If you truly want to see changes in your health and body, you have to adopt a lifestyle that is sustainable. 

You create sustainable lifestyle change by adopting habits and making them your own. Each person has unique needs and goals, which is why programs don't work long-term. 

Welcome to the Summit Fit Lifestyle, where women stop yo-yo dieting and learn what it means to be on a journey rather than a weight loss mission. 

*Comprehensive Education

Have you previously been told how many calories and carbs to eat plus given a list of no-no foods? I consider this a royal waste of your time. 

SF focuses on holistic education so you are equipped and empowered to make the best choices for your body. 

Educational topics on gut health and the 6 Power Foods will give you the knowledge and science behind how to heal your body from the inside out and see drastic improvements in your overall health.

Summit Fitters see improvement in some of the following areas:

*skin health

*energy levels

*anxiety/mood disorders

*physical stamina


*seasonal allergies

*overall sleep

*Thriving Community

We don't just give you a protocol and then send you on your way. With a private online Facebook community and in-person group activities, we make sure you are supported each and every day. A team of ambassadors, along with Rachel, are there to offer coaching and support + answer your questions throughout your course. 

Our mission is to make sure you don't quit on yourself. We truly believe in your potential and are going to make sure you get there. 

*Mindset Empowerment

Your potential for change hinges on the state of your daily mindset. 

Through daily empowerment activities like motivational reading and podcasts, we challenge you to prioritize creating a powerful mindset. 

Without this key component, most people fail to ever create lasting habits as the pressures and stress of life choke out their ambitions. 

You can truly accomplish anything with the right mindset and plan.  

The 6 Power Foods™ have quite literally changed my life.
— Erin

Summit Fit Daily Rhythm: The 6 Power Habits

1. Mindset (that's where the magic happens)

Morning podcasts. Motivational reads. Group inspiration. 

We put a huge emphasis on helping you develop a powerful and positive mindset in Summit Fit.

What would it look like for you to spend a few minutes each day developing a positive mindset? How would this change your habits and decisions and overall confidence in life?

2. Real Food (your fuel for your best life)


Summit Fit™ focuses on the 6 Power Foods™ to help heal the body from the inside out. 

Throughout the program, I teach you how to balance your plate for optimal energy, improved digestion, and overall vitality. 

We aim for a flexible paleo/primal type menu with a focus on seasonal, locally grown and pasture-raised/grass-fed whole foods. 

Food is usually the hardest thing for people to change but with time, consistency, and a good plan, you will be on your way to feeling in control when it comes to your diet. 

3. Functional Movement (sweat does a women good)


You are made to move. 

..and that's exactly what you will be inspired and equipped to do in this program. 

With a variety of movements like speed bursts, strength training, outdoor adventure, and trail/park workouts, we are intentional about making movement a priority.

With both gym, living room, and outdoor workout guides, each session has video instruction with each exercise to ensure you execute with proper form. 

My mission is to help you build lean muscle, get strong, and find movement you truly enjoy. 

4. Outdoor Adventure (because the couch is boring)


What if health could become your adventure? How would that change how you approach your daily habits?

In SF we place a huge emphasis on getting outside for both adventure, physical activity, and stress reduction. 

Currently, participants in Colorado and Missouri get together for outdoor adventures to enjoy community time in nature. 

SF prepares you to take on more challenging outdoor activities through the dynamic fitness program.

5. Thriving Community (life is done better with others)


At the heart of SF is a thriving group of women who desire to reach their potential, take more risks and live more passionate and purposeful lives. 

Through a private Facebook group and group outdoor activities, we hold one another accountable each and every day. 

If you're having a bad day, you can guarantee your teammates will have your back, supporting you and giving you the advice you need to keep your momentum going strong. 

We truly become like the people we spend the majority of our time with, so, let's surround ourselves with individuals who make us better.

6. Goal Setting (finding purpose in your habits)

In SF we talk a lot about our why. Our why is what fuels our goals. 

Through the Summit Fit Planner, you are encouraged to write out goals for each week and day. We set both short and long-term goals because we are creating a lifestyle change.

Setting goals gives us purpose behind what we do each day. 

Some of you will have goals to hike your first 10-mile trail. Others will have a goal to replace soda with healthy alternatives or create a daily schedule that empowers you for success. 

When you move into the Academy, you will continue to work towards achieving the long-term goals you have set. 

As we say in this program, "Always be a goal digger!"


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What Comes with the Intro Course?

In our 5-week, group-led, online course you should expect the following:

1. Daily workouts (home, gym and outdoor workouts available + videos for each exercise) with built-in rest days.  
2. A comprehensive guide packed full of all of the information you need for success during your course (The Daily Power Habits, the 6 Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle, The 6 Power Foods, Managing Stress, Meal Planning, Micromovements, Recipes, and more.
3. A daily meal plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
4. A weekly educational handout: Intro to the 6 Power Habits, Mastering the 6 Power Foods, Supercharging Your Mindset, Setting Effective Goals and Getting Results without a Scale or Counting Calories. 
5. A weekly worksheet with action items to help you successfully implement the Summit Fit lifestyle. 
6. An energetic group of women + Summit Fit Ambassadors for rockstar daily accountability through our private Facebook group.
7. A daily planner to help you organize your goals and the Summit Fit Power Habits. 
8. A fitness progress tracker to help you track your improvements without using a scale. 
9. Group outdoor activities like hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, backpacking, walking, running, paddleboarding and more! 

Learn More...

This program is for you if:

-you want to have more energy to live your best life
-you've been working out and "eating right" but haven't seen changes
-you want to feel strong, energized, and confident
-you want to feel in control of your choices and develop a lifestyle that sticks
-you want cutting edge education that teaches you the "why" behind health and fitness
-you want to be encouraged and inspired daily by other women on the same journey
-you're craving something more in life
-you want to be strong
-you want a plan
so you can get healthy food on your plate and energizing habits into your life

In order to change our habits and achieve our best health, we will:

1. Maintain a mindset of determination and positivity.
2. Engage in daily, effective movement. 
3. Reduce overall stress levels through built-in rest day, personal development, and built-in rest days, etc).
4. Consume The 6 Power Foods daily.
5. Restore gut health to heal our bodies from the inside out.
6. Interact in a thriving community that holds us accountable through daily encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. 

Here's how it works:

1. Upon registration, you will be redirected to a link with all of the details about the program, how to join our private group and where to find your files and resources for the course on our page. 
2. In the Facebook page in the "file" folder, you will find your meal plan, workout routine, comprehensive guide, daily planner and educational handouts. 
3. You are required to post once per day, sharing how you consumed the 6 power foods + how your workout and other power habits went! It can be short and sweet but accountability is the cornerstone of making this a lifestyle change!


What will the workouts look like? You will be doing a combination of sprinting, strength condition, metabolic training, and active recovery days. The five structured workouts per week will take about 30-45 minutes to complete. I will also be prompting you to engage in longer, low-intensity hikes, walks, bike rides, swims, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc throughout the week. I will be providing beginner and advanced workouts so no matter where you are in your journey, you can join us! 

Can I do this program if I'm nursing or pregnant? Absolutely, as long as you are at least 8 weeks post-partum and have your doctors approval. 

Do I need a gym membership? No. In addition to the gym workout guide, I provide a home workout plan that requires zero equipment. 

Do I need internet access and a Facebook account? Yes, you need both. However, I encourage people to go off-grid for camping trips, travels, hikes and time with friends and family as a part of our lifestyle so it's okay if you have occasional times away from the internet. 

What if I am traveling or really busy raising small humans during this program? MOST definitely join! In fact, the Summit Fit Lifestyle works in any place or season of life to empower you. We have lots of travelers and mamas of littles in our group! 

Will I lose weight?  The average weight loss per week for SF participants is 3 pounds; however, I cannot guarantee weight loss. Sometimes women desire weight loss but may not actually need to lose for optimal health. I can guarantee you'll feel better than ever before in your life and that usually comes with losing inches and/or weight! If you need to gain or maintain weight, this program will be great for you as well. 

Will this program make me "bulky"? Absolute not. If you spend 14 hours a week in the gym and pump your body with supplements, you have a small chance of becoming bulky. Really, it's that hard to do. I didn't make that up, it's science. This program will help you burn fat effectively + build functional strength. 

What will the eating plan look like? I've created the 6 Power Foods as your daily eating guide, but you will have lots of flexibility within my plan. We focus on adding in new foods rather than cutting out certain foods. I provide a full meal plan with recipes for you to use that are gluten and mostly dairy-free. There's no deprivation, counting, or obsessing in my programs....that's not how I roll. Everyone starts at a different place with their food so there is no pressure to achieve the "perfect diet". You will be amazing at how the Power Foods change your approach to "healthy eating!"

What does the program cost: $59.99 


"The 6 power foods have changed my life. My attitude towards food has totally shifted because I feel oh so so so so so much better! I have way more energy. I'm not dragging. My body feels balanced. My clothes fit better. I'm not in survival mode. The thing I love about SFA is it's truly a sustainable lifestyle. I don't feel deprived or like I'm missing out! 

"Weighed in this morning and lost 8lbs this round and a total of 20lbs since first starting Rachel's program in January!  Rachel you are an inspiration and thank you for being a cheerleader for me and everyone on this journey! This group has been amazing!"

"The results are in! 7 lbs down! My body didn't change this much when I spent 5 months training for a marathon last year. I love that it started with a list of foods to eat everyday rather than a list of foods to avoid."

"When Rachel says that her program is the best on the market, it's the truth. I tried everything from the military diet to the Whole 30 and every fad diet in between. Hers is the only program that will empower you to reach your potential and learn all the skills you need to lead a healthy life." 

"Summit Fit has given me the best start to any of my pregnancies. It has challenge and pushed me, but best of all, it gives you the choice of whether you want to eat sugar or not."

"Summit fit and the principles Rachel has taught have literally turned my life in a new direction. Before this I had severe fatigue and my post-partum depression was out of control. NOW I have had another baby and this time is so different. Despite new born sleep (or lack thereof) I have energy for days."

"Five pounds down and 9 inches lost and have gained so much! The biggest thing I've learned is that I can sustain a healthy lifestyle as a busy, working mom."

"So I did this thing called Summit Fit Academy for the past 5 weeks. If you are looking for a change in your health and wellness or just want to learn and grow more on your journey to better health THIS. IS. IT. I didn't do it to lose weight (but I did), and more than that, I learned sooooo much and started healing my body from the inside out. I started beating sugar cravings. I started healing my gut. I worked out but I was also encouraged to REST. I didn't count calories or fat or carbs. I was never told what I CAN'T eat, but was encouraged with what I CAN eat. It is not a diet and I wasn't marketed a bunch of "health" products/drinks that quite frankly are not that healthy or that I will be dependent on from now on. I was not asked to do some extreme detox or sugar fast or this or that, that is not a sustainable way to live. I never felt hungry and was encouraged to listen to what my body needs. I got STRONGER in my mind AND my body. Friends, this is unlike anything else you will find in the fitness industry."