Making lasting changes in your life shouldn't be stressful or complicated.....

Lemme're a little bit stressed, a-lot-a-bit overworked and struggling to find balance in your life. And all of this translates into you never making time for yourself. 

You've probably tried a few diets (or a lot) but then a birthday party or a bad week at work or the holidays come up and you decide once again that healthy living is "just too much work" and remind yourself that you've failed in the past so that's probably where you are headed again. 

Your head is spinning in circles with all of the advice (ahem....bad advice) circulating out there and you just want some straightforward answers on how to get control of your daily habits, wake up with energy every day and find some balance (and fun) on your journey. 

I had to order new jeans, and ordered a size smaller! So I was so ecstatic!! I haven’t lost any weight in 2 yrs, even when I was doing hardcore paleo/keto/sugar detox, you name it. Proof how your program actually works! And I never felt deprived like I have on other plans.
— Shannon, Summit Fitter

You're ready for serious change...but if you're honest, you had no idea where to begin and you don't really believe it's possible


Hi, I'm Rachel, former dorito and mountain-dew addict turned full-time health coach who helps overwhelmed women find balance + adventure in their lives. 

I spent most of my life sick from poor lifestyle choices and through a series of events was forced to make some drastic changes in my life.

These events led me to becoming a full time Health Coach and eventually creating an online course to help women take back their own health without feeling like a crazy person in the process. 

Summit Fit simplifies the process of creating lasting change so you don't have to keep spinning in circles and jumping from program to program in search for the "best diet" out there.  

You see, the diet and fitness industry wants you to believe there is some secret-sauce formula to lose weight and turn your health around. 

The truth is, there really is no secret at all. 

You simply need to nourish your body with the right foods, find activities that get you moving, lower your stress levels and create habits that have you waking up energized on a daily basis. 

I'm going to teach you exactly how I did this for myself and the hundreds of clients I've worked with. 

The diet and fitness industry distracts you and wastes your time by telling you to count calories, drink shakes, track your macros, stuff your food into containers, do more cardio....blah, blah, blah. 

The truth is, those methods not only don't work long-term, they leave you feeling exhausted and burned you're revolving your entire life around losing weight but it's not really getting you anywhere... (does this sound familiar?) 

Here's the truth......the only way you are creating lasting change in your life is by transforming your daily habits and enjoying the process along the way.

Why Summit Fit?

Summit Fit is unlike any "fitness" program on the market because we teach you how to transform your life through the power of habit instead of following another strict protocol. 

Last summer, when I summited my first-ever "14ers", I was inspired to create a program and community that allows women to achieve their own "summit" in life. 

You see, I don't believe we are meant to live life "stuck" in old habits that suck the life right out of us. 

I've helped women who were on the brink of major weight-loss surgery lose 80 pounds in 6 months simply by changing their habits. 

I've helped women feel in control of the foods they eat for the first time in their lives. 

I've helped women unearth the purpose in their souls that were buried under pounds of pain, fear and doubt. 

I've helped women ditch the scale for a life of freedom and adventure. 

....they found their "Summit Fit".....

Girlfriend, your "Summit Fit" is waiting for you, too.....

What's in store for you?

Our 5-week intro course provides you with the tools, resources, support and coaching you need for true success.....

  • daily workout guide with video instruction
  • sample meal guide to take the stress out of eating the right foods + a database of recipes to heal the body from the inside out
  • weekly wellness handouts: Intro to the 6 Power Habits, Mastering the 6 Power Foods, Supercharging Your Mindset, Setting Effective Goals and Getting Results without a Scale or Counting Calories. 
  • weekly worksheet with action items to help you successfully implement the Summit Fit Lifestyle 
  • daily habit planner to keep you organized and on task 
  • group outdoor events in various cities across the US
  • an energetic group of women + my rockstar Summit Fit Ambassadors in our private Facebook group to keep you accountable to your goals and inspire you each and every day

Finding a Bigger Purpose 

I realize many of you will join Summit Fit because you desires weight loss and getting your habits back on track....and although I have no doubt you'll achieve those things, more than anything I believe you will unearth the joyful and adventurous child-like spirit inside of you to live out your purpose in a bigger way.

The picture below is from our Summit Fit 14er hike this summer. Erika, pictured in the center, summited her first 14er that day!

That's what Summit Fit is all reaching your potential in every possible way. 

“Summit fit and the principles Rachel has taught have literally turned my life in a new direction.
— Stephanie


What will the workouts look like? You will be doing a combination of sprinting (or fast walking), strength condition, metabolic training, and active recovery days. The five structured workouts per week will take about 30-45 minutes to complete. I will also be prompting you to engage in longer, low-intensity hikes, walks, bike rides, swims, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc throughout the week. I provide beginner modifications so you can begin at the level appropriate for you! All of the workouts can be done with little to no equipment. 

Can I do this program if I'm nursing or pregnant? Absolutely, as long as you are at least 8 weeks post-partum and have your doctors approval. 

Do I need a gym membership? No. In addition to the gym workout guide, I provide a home workout plan that requires zero equipment. 

Do I need internet access and a Facebook account? Yes, you need both. However, I encourage people to go off-grid for camping trips, travels, hikes and time with friends and family as a part of our lifestyle so it's okay if you have occasional times away from the internet. 

What if I am traveling or really busy raising small humans during this program? MOST definitely join! In fact, the Summit Fit Lifestyle works in any place or season of life to empower you. We have lots of travelers and mamas of littles in our group! 

Do I have to eat a certain diet? We eat the 6 Power Foods™ every single day. They are basic foods you can find at your grocery store that heal the body from the inside out. We focus on adding in nourishing foods rather than restricting others. With that said, almost all of our recipes are gluten and dairy-free as I've found this to be helpful in weight loss, improved energy levels, reducing symptoms of IBS and better overall wellness! 

What does the program cost: $59.99 

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"The 6 power foods have changed my life. My attitude towards food has totally shifted because I feel oh so so so so so much better! I have way more energy. I'm not dragging. My body feels balanced. My clothes fit better. I'm not in survival mode. The thing I love about SFA is it's truly a sustainable lifestyle. I don't feel deprived or like I'm missing out! 

"Weighed in this morning and lost 8lbs this round and a total of 20lbs since first starting Rachel's program in January!  Rachel you are an inspiration and thank you for being a cheerleader for me and everyone on this journey! This group has been amazing!"

"The results are in! 7 lbs down! My body didn't change this much when I spent 5 months training for a marathon last year. I love that it started with a list of foods to eat everyday rather than a list of foods to avoid."

"When Rachel says that her program is the best on the market, it's the truth. I tried everything from the military diet to the Whole 30 and every fad diet in between. Hers is the only program that will empower you to reach your potential and learn all the skills you need to lead a healthy life." 

"Summit Fit has given me the best start to any of my pregnancies. It has challenge and pushed me, but best of all, it gives you the choice of whether you want to eat sugar or not."

"Summit fit and the principles Rachel has taught have literally turned my life in a new direction. Before this I had severe fatigue and my post-partum depression was out of control. NOW I have had another baby and this time is so different. Despite new born sleep (or lack thereof) I have energy for days."

"Five pounds down and 9 inches lost and have gained so much! The biggest thing I've learned is that I can sustain a healthy lifestyle as a busy, working mom."

"So I did this thing called Summit Fit Academy for the past 5 weeks. If you are looking for a change in your health and wellness or just want to learn and grow more on your journey to better health THIS. IS. IT. I didn't do it to lose weight (but I did), and more than that, I learned sooooo much and started healing my body from the inside out. I started beating sugar cravings. I started healing my gut. I worked out but I was also encouraged to REST. I didn't count calories or fat or carbs. I was never told what I CAN'T eat, but was encouraged with what I CAN eat. It is not a diet and I wasn't marketed a bunch of "health" products/drinks that quite frankly are not that healthy or that I will be dependent on from now on. I was not asked to do some extreme detox or sugar fast or this or that, that is not a sustainable way to live. I never felt hungry and was encouraged to listen to what my body needs. I got STRONGER in my mind AND my body. Friends, this is unlike anything else you will find in the fitness industry."