6 Month Academy Membership (You must have taken the Intro Course) before joining the Academy.

Summit Fit Membership

Month-to-Month Academy Membership

Summit Fit Membership
I tried Whole30— I made it to day 15 and couldn’t continue because it wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle for me. What I love about Summit Fit is the freedom I have to eat a wide range of healthy foods and not feel deprived.
— Kaitlyn

Why Join the Academy?

The Academy is for those who have already taken the introductory course and are ready to immerse themselves deeper in the Summit Fit Lifestyle.

*You're ready for an in-depth educational experience via our monthly wellness topics. 

*You want on-going effective workouts to help you achieve your best fitness. 

*You want a tribe holding you accountable to your goals every single day. 

*You want in-depth nutrition and meal planning support to get healthy meals on your plate.

*You want to be pushed beyond your comfort zone in all areas of life. 

*You want to be a part of a thriving community. 

*You want opportunities to get outdoors with other women. 

Meet the Tribe 


Have you ever tried to accomplish something challenging alone? It kinda stinks, right? 

With the busy (and often stressful) lifestyle you probably live, I realize how challenging it can be to create better habits without a good support system. 

But, what if you were surrounded by a team of women who wouldn't let you quit or settle in life?

What would it be like to be immersed in a tribe of women who push you to be your best every single day?

Through the community and group support in Summit Fit Academy, you get the inspiration, support and coaching you need to live out your potential. 

If losing weight and getting heathy has seemed like a daunting and miserable process in the past, the sisterhood of Summit Fit Academy will equip and empower you to find joy + purpose + adventure on your journey. 

The group format has been a wonderful accountability platform and it’s so fun to see women coming together to better themselves. You’ve created a program that will set so many women up for success!
— Suzanne

What comes with my monthly membership?


-Membership in our private Facebook group where you will find daily support, coaching and accountability with Rachel and her team of ambassadors. 

-Daily Workout Guide w/ video instruction for each movement (gym, home and park/outdoor workouts are provided to accommodate those without access to equipment)

-Monthly Food Guide created by a Professional Natural Foods Chef complete with grocery shopping list, meal prep guide and recipes for each day (menu is gluten and mostly dairy-free). Our chef will also be available to answer questions regarding nutrition/food within our private group. 

-Monthly Wellness Themes that will include live educational videos with Rachel and/or Educator of the Month + a comprehensive handout around said topic.

-Live Q & A Sessions twice per month to get additional support and coaching from Rachel. 

-Monthly Challenges for opportunities to win cash or Summit Fit swag prizes. 

-Outdoor Group Events in various cities across North America. 

-Cooking Demo + Workout Video Library for supplemental fitness + nutrition support on your journey.

What is the cost?

$99 per month; auto-pay (billed monthly)


"The 6 power foods have changed my life. My attitude towards food has totally shifted because I feel oh so so so so so much better! I have way more energy. I'm not dragging. My body feels balanced. My clothes fit better. I'm not in survival mode. The thing I love about SFA is it's truly a sustainable lifestyle. I don't feel deprived or like I'm missing out! 

"Weighed in this morning and lost 8lbs this round and a total of 20lbs since first starting Rachel's program in January!  Rachel you are an inspiration and thank you for being a cheerleader for me and everyone on this journey! This group has been amazing!"

"The results are in! 7 lbs down! My body didn't change this much when I spent 5 months training for a marathon last year. I love that it started with a list of foods to eat everyday rather than a list of foods to avoid."

"When Rachel says that her program is the best on the market, it's the truth. I tried everything from the military diet to the Whole 30 and every fad diet in between. Hers is the only program that will empower you to reach your potential and learn all the skills you need to lead a healthy life." 

"Summit Fit has given me the best start to any of my pregnancies. It has challenge and pushed me, but best of all, it gives you the choice of whether you want to eat sugar or not."

"Summit fit and the principles Rachel has taught have literally turned my life in a new direction. Before this I had severe fatigue and my post-partum depression was out of control. NOW I have had another baby and this time is so different. Despite new born sleep (or lack thereof) I have energy for days."

"Five pounds down and 9 inches lost and have gained so much! The biggest thing I've learned is that I can sustain a healthy lifestyle as a busy, working mom."

"Rachel's program has given me my life back. I can't thank her enough."

"So I did this thing called Summit Fit Academy for the past 5 weeks. If you are looking for a change in your health and wellness or just want to learn and grow more on your journey to better health THIS. IS. IT. I didn't do it to lose weight (but I did), and more than that, I learned sooooo much and started healing my body from the inside out. I started beating sugar cravings. I started healing my gut. I worked out but I was also encouraged to REST. I didn't count calories or fat or carbs. I was never told what I CAN'T eat, but was encouraged with what I CAN eat. It is not a diet and I wasn't marketed a bunch of "health" products/drinks that quite frankly are not that healthy or that I will be dependent on from now on. I was not asked to do some extreme detox or sugar fast or this or that, that is not a sustainable way to live. I never felt hungry and was encouraged to listen to what my body needs. I got STRONGER in my mind AND my body. Friends, this is unlike anything else you will find in the fitness industry."