December Meal Plan + Shopping List

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Summit Fit Meal Guide (7).png

December Meal Plan + Shopping List

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A 4-week meal plan + complete shopping list (gluten and dairy-free) that specifically helps you:

  • balances blood sugars to reduce sugar cravings
  • promote healthy hormones for stable moods
  • lose weight naturally without counting calories or macros
  • have stable energy levels throughout the day without reaching for sugar or caffeine 
  • incorporate a wide variety of vegetables into your diet
  • set you up for success each week! 

The meal plan is meant to serve 4 so if you are feeding more or less people you can adjust the shopping list as needed. Additionally, the meal plans are gluten, dairy and processed sugar-free but you can certainly sub regular dairy and gluten products as you wish! 

For ongoing support or questions with meal planning, nutrition and more, join us in the Living Summit Fit Facebook group