When: Saturday, May 27th

Where: Walker Ranch Loop Trail

Distance: 7.5 Miles

Elevation Gain: 1,938 ft

Level: Difficult

Near: Boulder, Colorado

Start Time: 8:30 AM (this hike will take 3-4 hours depending on our speed)

Cost: Free for Summit Fit Academy participants; $10 for everyone else


Walker Ranch Loop is a loop trail near Boulder, Colorado with great diversity in scenery (river, canyons, snowcaps, etc). Much of the trail takes places along Boulder Creek which will be very dramatic during May when snow melt is taking place.


Prepare for some spots of snow and ice as any areas of shade will not have melted by this time of year. The elevation gain will prove to be challenging in several different areas so be prepared to hike uphill for longer distances by walking/running hills in your workout routine.


It will also be beneficial to have done a good bit of strength training in your legs and be confident that you can walk a 7.5 mile distance with lots of uphill areas at an elevation of 7k+.


As far as equipment, you will need:

-comfortable hiking shoes and wool socks to wick away moisture, prevent blistering, and keep in warmth if temperatures are low

-a camelbak (or similar brand) pack with a 2 liter water container

-high-calorie snacks like trail mix

-lots of layers as temperatures will fluctuate greatly (make sure they aren’t cotton)

-a hat or sunglasses as the sun is extremely bright at elevation

-hiking poles to help with traction (you can get by without these but they are very helpful for your knees and traction with any ice)

-sunscreen as burning happens much easier at elevation


Other Details:


I will have 5 seats available in my 4-Runner if you want a ride from Denver to Boulder. Please email me at to reserve your seat AND RSVP to our hike. We will leave promptly at 7:45.


If by chance there is a snow storm, please be prepared with appropriate clothing!


We will eat as a group afterwards in downtown Boulder! Location to be determined.


This is an absolutely stunning hike. You won’t be disappointed in the scenery you experience or the great workout you get.