HI, I'm Rachel, FORMER DORITO AND MOUNTAIN-DEW ADDICT TURNED FULL-TIME HEALTH COACH who is known for her love of good coffee, pine trees and adventure. I help women find freedom and adventure in HEALTHY LIVING without the rules and restrictive living of the diet culture. 

Iā€™m a mama to two toddler boys and wife of a bearded man where we make our home in Denver, Colorado and love to hike ā€œ14ers", snowshoe, camp, paddle board, and throw snowballs at each other all winter.  

You'll find me posing in hiking shoes and flannel (not a bikini or sports bra) and spending more time sweating outdoors than in a gym. I believe health starts with an empowered mind, not a set of rules. 


I don't believe health is confined to what we have on our plates or yesterday's workout. I believe health looks like coffee on the front porch on Saturday mornings, doughnuts with your girlfriends, taking in the smell of pine on your favorite hike, learning how to cook food from scratch or grow it in your garden, creating habits that empower you and setting goals that scare you a little bit (or a lot).

I spend a lot of my time as a coach helping women recover from the obsessive diet-culture we've created and empowering them to believe that they don't need me to tell them exactly what to eat or log every carbohydrate they put into their body to see the changes they desire. 

We all want shortcuts to good health, but ultimately, there isn't one. Yes, eating Paleo may indeed help you find better health, but if it leaves you feeling miserable and restricted inside, you are back to ground zero. 

I say all of this because I've lived it as both a woman and a coach, I've dabbled in the craziness of paleo, logging macros, carb-cycling, etc and for me, it took every ounce of enjoyment out of healthy living and burned me out on both life and coaching. 

So, instead of telling my clients how many carbs their bodies need, I spend my time:

-encouraging them to check out their local farmers' market so they can learn what foods grow in what season
-inspiring them to spend more time outdoors
-helping them overcome fears and doubts of never being able to change their habits
-educating them on how to cook nourishing meals at home
-giving them the control back to make the best choices for their body
-challenging them to set goals that take them out of their comfort zone
-reminding them that strong and confident and courageous is more beautiful than any number on a scale
-to find adventure in everything they do, especially health

My Own Journey to Living Well

Up until my mid-twenties, I was a junk-food addict who knew little to nothing about health. 

As a kid and young adult, I struggled with a plethora of health issues ranging from seasonal allergies, acne, chronic fatigue, and IBS. I was the kid who would miss a week of school multiple times during the winter because my immune system could never keep up.

It wasn't until I came home with an infection from a trip to Uganda, Africa in college that I was forced to change my unhealthy habits in order to heal my body. 

I began going to the farmers' market and picking up foods I'd never eaten before. I learned to cook for myself instead of continuing to eat food from boxes. 

We started our first garden and most of our exercises was in the form of digging up potatoes or biking around the city to explore new areas. 

This lifestyle continued to evolve and we began purging excess possessions, getting rid of toxic cleaning supplies and inviting neighbors over for dinner regularly. 

My own journey to a life of freedom and adventure and health...to living well....is my why. 

When we solely focus on weight loss and body image, we truly miss out on the abundance and richness that life offers us.  

Let's work together to help you create your best life, full of the adventures and health you deserve.