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It might have to do with your upbringing or the people you hang around or the lack of support you get, but failing to create a habit is <em>not </em>a reflection of you lacking <em>willpower</em>. <br><br>Basically,<em> you can totally do this. </em><br><br>The first stage towards developing a new habit is <em>motivation</em>. Motivation is your <em>why</em>. It's the reason you want to do something in the first place--because everyone who wants change has a reason. <br><br>Right now, I want you to get out your journal or a piece of paper and write down a mission statement for why you want change. <br><br>After you've done this, you need some sort of game plan as to how change is going to take place. These new habits need to be <em>prioritized </em>by being scheduled. <br><br>The second stage towards creating your new habit is discipline. Discipline is the stage that you may or may not hate, depending on the habit you are trying to implement. <br><br>This is the stage before your new thing becomes a habit. You are doing your thing whether you <em>feel </em>like it or not. If you can't get through this phase, you won't make it a habit. <br><br>I know that might sound harsh and not fun, but the reality is, when left to our own devices, we are naturally <em>lazy</em> creatures. There's a reason #bingewatch is a buzz phrase right now. Most of us would love to sit around all day and get paid to do nothing. <br><br>Even a trainer like myself has days <em>every</em> week where I just want to check out from life. I don't want to write a blog post or create new client workouts or figure out how to continue growing my business or go to the gym at 5am. <br><br>But here's the deal, I never regret doing any of those things. When I get my butt in gear, I get stronger, change lives, and make a difference in the world. Those things bring me lasting satisfaction and that's better than any amount of sitting around waiting for motivation to slap me in the face. <br><br>I do those things because they are <em>habits</em>. Blogging, working out, and building a business regularly were in motivation phase for quite some time. Then they moved to discipline stage and now finally, they are habits.<br><br>So, third and lastly, is the <em>habit </em>stage. This is the stage where you've been doing something regularly for months and it's a part of your normal rhythm of life. <br><br>And can I just tell you, finally getting to that habit stage feels good. <em>Really</em> good. You've put in the hard work and carried out your mission when you didn't feel like it for weeks. <br><br>Now, this doesn't mean you'll feel like doing it every single day of the week, but you will do it anyways and it won't feel like pure torture or like another "extra" cluttering up your schedule. <br><br>What habit are you trying to implement that still feels forced? Or have you finally gotten to the habit stage with something? We would love to hear your victories!</div>