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You've already made breakfast (which your kids refused to eat), cleaned up said food they didn't eat but threw on the floor instead, wiped up 3 glasses of spilled milk, changed 4 smelly diapers, and now all of them are having a meltdown at the exact. same. time. <br><br>At this point you think, okay, I'm <em>really</em> exhausted, I think a good sweaty workout and a plate full of raw vegetables is just what I need. <br><br>Wait, no, you totally didn't think any of that. I don't either. <br><br><strong>You most likely go bury your face in a pillow on the couch and pretend like the screams aren't happening</strong>. If you're lucky, you slip some chocolate and then go bury your face in the couch. <br><br>The only thing you can think about is sitting with a hot cup of coffee while you browse Pinterest in <em>absolute</em> silence. But alas, no such thing is happening and you only become more irritated by the second with your present reality. <br><br>Mamas, I get it, because I have mornings like these <em>all of the time</em>. And right at this moment, 9:45 PM to be exact, I am now hearing my two-year-old screaming in his room, er, just kidding, they are both screaming now. <br><br>Okay, they are back asleep (for now), let's carry on. Shall we?<br><br>So you've had a rough morning, or like 2 straight years to be exact, and the whole "get healthy" thing kinda lingers in your mind but the thought of doing <em>more</em> work sounds absolutely terrible in every way imaginable. <br><br>I mean, if eating healthy were easy, you'd totally be on board. If workouts didn't require sweat, and, <em>more work,</em> you'd be game. <br><br>The irony of health is that is does require work but it pays you back tenfold in your day-to-day life. When your body is being fueled with foods that keep it running well, you have more energy to manage the chaos of your mornings. When you commit to getting your sweat on 15 minutes each day, your body begins to function better and feel stronger for the tasks ahead. <br><br>And, including healthy habits in your days can be so impactful to you kiddos + a great bonding experience.<br><br>Let me share how I manage to make my health a priority + involve my kiddos amidst the chaos of motherhood! <strong> </strong><br><br><u><strong>1. I workout with my kids.</strong></u><br><br>As much as I love getting up early, if our kids wake up 4 times in a night, I can assure you I won't be up at 5 AM working out. On those days, I take our kids out to the jungle gym (AKA my garage gym) to workout with me. <br><br><strong>I recently release a 10-day program for busy mamas like yourself with quick and simple workouts you can do with your kiddos + a tasty meal plan + all the resources you need to get your healthy routine on track. <font size="5"><a href="http://www.rachelmeyerfitness.com/10-day-jump-start-program.html" target="_blank"><font color="#ae40a5">Head over here</font> to read more about that</a>!</font></strong><br><br>One of the reasons I love working out with my kids is I feel like it takes the <em>pressure</em> out of the workout. It's almost comical, really. You've just finished a set of 5 pushups and feel like you might die while they are jumping off of boxes and doing handstands while simultaneously torturing one another without even breaking a sweat.<br><br>In all seriousness, though, them seeing you make your health a priority is setting them up for better habits. If they see you making fitness a regular part of your life, they are much more likely to do the same as adults. <br><br><u><strong>2. I involve my kids in the kitchen. </strong></u><br><br>My kids have 3 food groups they eat from: sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and smoothies. If one of those items is missing from our house, a really bad situation will promptly unfold.<br><br>If I'm baking sweet potatoes for dinner, my kids help me fork potatoes + rub coconut oil over the skins. <br><br>When I'm chopping veggies, I give them a butter knife so they can "help" me cut too. <br><br>They help pour ingredients into the pot for our mornings oatmeal, cut biscuits, and wash fruit for granola/yogurt bowls. <br><br><strong>My kids almost <em>always</em> eat the foods they help prepare.</strong> Yes, they make huge messes and I hate cleaning them up, but in the end, if they eat the foods we prepare, it's a <em>huge win</em> in my book, despite the extra cleanup work.  <br><br><strong>3. When we are are frustrated, bored, angry, stressed out, etc, we take our "mess" on a hike or to the park or on a walk around the block.</strong> <br><br><strong>When life is a mess doesn't it just feel <em>so</em> good to eat more chocolate and hide?</strong> And isn't it funny that you can't do either of those things for more than 30 seconds when you are at home with little kids? <br><br>The problem is, those "things" only remedy our mess for a short while, they don't provide a solution that will actually make us feel better long-term. <br><br>I want my kids to see me channel my frustration towards something positive rather than pile on more negatives. <br><br>Next time your house is having a meltdown, take everyone outside. Our mental health often gets neglected, but it is just as important as a workout or healthy meal. Being outside is my favorite way to get my thoughts headed in a more  positive direction while helping my kiddos channel their own frustrations on kicking around a soccer ball instead of fighting with each other. <br><br><strong>What are your tips and tricks for staying healthy at home with your kiddos?</strong> </div>