<div><div class="wsite-multicol"><div class="wsite-multicol-table-wrap" style="margin:0 -15px;"> <table class="wsite-multicol-table"><tbody class="wsite-multicol-tbody"><tr class="wsite-multicol-tr"> <td class="wsite-multicol-col" style="width:50%; padding:0 15px;"> <div class="paragraph">Adventure is a beautiful word and concept that I weave into every fabric of my coaching business. <br><br>Without joy and spontaneity, my clients fail to create a true <em>lifestyle</em> change, which is the <em>ultimate goal</em> I have for each of them. <br><br>Before I give you some practical tips on how to embrace this idea of adventure in your health, we first need to define what "health" means. </div> </td> <td class="wsite-multicol-col" style="width:50%; padding:0 15px;"> <div><div class="wsite-image wsite-image-border-none " style="padding-top:10px;padding-bottom:10px;margin-left:0;margin-right:0;text-align:center"> <a> <img src="http://www.rachelmeyerfitness.com/uploads/1/7/3/9/1739499/dsc0125-3_orig.jpg" alt="Picture" style="width:auto;max-width:100%"></a> <div style="display:block;font-size:90%"></div> </div></div> </td> </tr></tbody></table> </div></div></div> <div class="paragraph">When people think of "getting healthy", often a sense of dread comes over them. <br><br>They think achieving health equals deprivation, bland food, chalky protein shakes, suffering through workouts at the gym beside dudes with inflammed pecs and orange skin, and kissing butter good-bye. <br><br>I'm happy to tell you that bland food without butter and inflammed pecs are not part of any healthy lifestyle.  <br><br><strong>If health resorts to nothing more than eating bland food to look better in a bikini, we are miserably failing ourselves. </strong><br><br>Now, health can absolutely look good in a bikini, but it can also look "horrible" by the standards of 21st century America. <br><br><u>I'm not saying you can't have a flat stomach or desire to look good, but this cannot be our focus or definition of health. </u><br><br>My mission is to completely transform what health looks like to every single client I work with and reader on this blog. <br><br>Health, is reaching your potential in every area of life.<br><br>It's having energy to live with abundance.<br><br>It's getting off of medication when possible. <br><br>It's a mindset of confidence and faith to take risks and live life to the fullest.  <br><br>It's a desire to <em>fuel</em> your body instead of feeding your emotional needs with junk food.<br><br>It's being outside more to reduce anxiety and stress.<br><br>It's finding joy and contenment in the good and bad days. <br><br>It's learning and exploring and discovering the abundance of delicious tasting foods and habits that help you glow from the inside out. <br><br>It's healthy relationship with yourself, neighbors, and coworkers. <br><br>Health is part of every facet of your life. <br><br><strong>With that in mind, how do you begin to make health your adventure?</strong><br><br><u>1. Get rid of your scale (don't worry, you'll get weighed at your next doctors appointment). </u><br><br>The scale can be a great tool for progress purposes, but it can also completely derail you from your mission to get healthy. <br><br>If you've cut calories, eaten the right foods, gone to the gym every morning before work and then step on the scale to find you only lost 2 pounds, this could absolutely send you into a binge party in your kitchen. <br><br>Why is the scale such a hindrance to our health? I believe it's because of what I discussed previously.<br><br>We have made health about how the body looks, and that's it.<br><br>Sure, we're happy if we have more energy and feel better, but we are really after that number, and if the number fails us, we quit health. <br><br>What if we guaged our health by how many new whole foods we ate this week? Or how much time we spent  preparing home-cooked meals instead of eating out?<br><br>I realize this is such foreign thinking, but I promise that's where you'll discover adventure in your journey. <br><br><u>2. Find a hobby or interest that excites you. </u><br><br>If you are just going through the motions of life without any passion or excitment, it's likely you also aren't motivated to feel better. <br><br>When you have a reason and purpose to feel good, you automatically begin to make better choices in general. <br><br>Finding a hobby or interest has a way of bringing passion and adventure into our lives. We begin to take risks, meet new people, adopt healthier habits, and spend less time in front of our phones or TVs wasting time away. <br><br>In general, if you meet a person who has a passion you'll also discover a <em>healthy lifestyle fueling that passion. </em><br><br><u>3. Get out of your normal routine. </u><br><br>Are you bored with the healthy meals you've been eating for months? Is the fitness routine getting old? Does life just feel really, blah?<br><br>Trust me, these things are totally normal, which is exactly why you need to infuse some adventure into your life by changing up your routine. <br><br>In the summer, go to a farmer's market once per week to buy some local, seasonal foods to prepare. Find adventure in creating simple dishes from new foods you've maybe never tried.<br><br>In the cold months, try to buy one new food each week at the store <span>you've never eaten</span>. Pinterest always has great ideas if you're lost on how to prepare a new food! <br><br>Go to a new fitness class at a gym or try an online program like my <a href="http://www.rachelmeyerfitness.com/summitfit.html" target="_blank">SummitFIT </a>starting January 2nd where you get gym and home workouts with video instruction in addition to a meal plan, accountability, and tons of education on living a healthy lifestyle. <br><br>If work is boring you to death, branch out and meet someone new. <br><br>Read an inspiring book or listen to a motivating podcast at night instead of watching your regular TV. <br><br>Sometimes, all it takes to add some adventure and zeal to your life is a simple change in the routine. <br><br><strong>How to embrace health as an adventure</strong><br><br>When you decide to make health a lifestyle instead of another program or number on a scale, you accept the fact that there will be lots of bumps along the way. You're okay with the fact that you won't always feel "skinny" or want to eat what's best for you. You understand that it's an eternal journey, not a destination. <br><br>Truly embracing health as an adventure means your focus is mindset. And as we discussed in the three points above, a healthy mindset is what fuels your journey to healthier living. <br><br>Adventure, therefore, is a mindset. It looks different for every single person, but at the heart of an adventurous person is a willingness to fail, a desire to take risks + embrace change, and a mission to be their absolute best in every facet of life. </div>