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It requires a plan + discipline, focus, and perseverance. <br><br>1) <u>Focus 90% of your eating on vegetables, fruits, grass-fed meats, whole-fat organic dairy (smaller portions), beans, nuts, whole-grains like brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, and water.</u> (as much as possible from a local farmers market!)<br><br>I realize fall and the holiday season is upon us, but if you really want to turn your life and health around, the daily pastries and mochas will have to wait.<br><br>Food is EVERYTHING when it comes to your weight and if you like eating a lot of sugar, it's not only going to make you sick a lot, and contribute to a slew of your health problems; it's going to make you overweight. <br><br>According to the <a href="https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2015/06/29/sugary-drinks-linked-to-180000-deaths-a-year-study-says/" target="_blank">Washington Post</a>, sugary drinks alone kill 180,000 people every year. We are not just talking weight gain. <br><br>Sugar is toxic. <br><br>2) <u>Move with some intensity 30 minutes per day, and do resistance training 3 times per week.</u> <br><br>Run, walk, lift weights, garden, clean the house, chase your kids, whatever. Just move more. <br><br>Why resistance training? Because muscle increases your metabolism, making it easier to lose weight over time. Also, after a hard workout with those dumbbells, your body keeps burning calories up to 24 hours after the workout; unlike a cardio workout which doesn't contribute to any post-workout calorie burning. <br><br>Don't get me wrong, cardio workouts are great, but they need to be done in conjunction with strength training, for many reasons. <br><br>3) <u>Drink more water and less mochas, sodas, juice, etc.</u> <br><br>I like to add a drop of lemon essential oil to my water or a squeeze of orange for a kick; but really, the more water you drink the better. It flushes your system and keeps things moving to aid in proper digestion. <br><br>4) <u>Set measurable goals. </u><br><br>This may sound too simple, but in reality, it can change everything. <br><br>If it helps, create yourself a vision board. Go to target and get a stiff white board poster, and then chop of some fun words and pictures from magazines to glue on it. <br><br>Words like clean food, fit, alive, passion, mission, and adventure come to mind. I'm working on my own board right now. <br><br>Keep the vision board in a space that you see all the time so you can continually be reminded of your goals and dreams of getting healthy! <br><br>5) <u>Have a plan, and put it on your calendar. </u><br><br>Schedule your workouts and know what you're doing before the morning of. Are you running 3 miles, doing a yoga workout, lifting weights? The less you have to think about the day of the more likely you are to do it. <br><br>Set aside time to plan your meals out for the month and grocery shop. Yes, put it on the calendar. <br><br>Planning is key when it comes to food and fitness. <br><br>I hope you find these tips helpful! What has been your biggest success with not just losing weight but changing your lifestyle to one of health?<br></font><br> </h2>