Even as a personal trainer, I get how valuable it is to have someone else giving you the plan and pushing you to be your best.

Within my garage gym full of functional equipment such as a barbell, kettlebells, medicine balls,  plyometric boxes, and more, my mission is to help you get in the best shape of your life through a variety of training techniques. 

With over 8 years of one-on-one personal training experience, I teach my clients a variety of metabolic, strength, plyometric, stretching, and relaxation techniques to cover the full spectrum of attaining their best fitness. 

Throughout your 60-minute session we will:

-properly warm up
-perform isolation movements to target weak areas
-test strength gains on a single exercise like push press, deadlifts, etc
-complete a short, but effective workout that targets cardio, fat-burning, and strength
-cool down with dynamic stretches and a mindful relaxation exercise

Clients work to improve a variety of areas including:

-strength, agility, and speed for outdoor sports (hiking, skiing, climbing, trail running, etc)
-flexibility to reduce daily injuries
-overall fitness to look, feel, and function at their best
-reducing stress
-improving mobility for daily life activities (example: those who sit for work)
-achieving goals like doing their first pullups or running a 10k faster

60 minute sessions are $50. Please contact me here to set up a free consultation to discuss details or ask questions! I look forward to helping you find your fit!