Welcome to the Summit Fit Tribe and your Resource Portal! You are about to embark upon an incredible journey that will impact every single area of your life. 

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Tell me more about this Summit Fit Lifestyle....

Next, I want you to set aside 30-45 minutes to look through the following 4 handouts as they unveil the core of the Summit Fit Lifestyle and why it's so successful at creating powerful change in your life:

+ The 6 Power Habits

+ The 6 Power Foods

+ the 10 principles of the summit fit lifestyle

+ PRINTABLE Daily Habit Checklist

The 6-Week Power Habit Intro Course...

Lastly, as a way to help you integrate successfully into our Academy, I've created a 6-week course that breaks down each of our 6 Power Habits™ so you don't get overwhelmed trying to implement all of them at once.

To keep things simple, I've also provided you with workouts in your weekly lessons so everything is in one place.

Once you finish the 6-week course, you can begin to use the monthly workout guides provided in the "workout" section below. 

Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6


Each month we read through a different book within our Summit Fit Tribe. This is a way to challenge our minds, broaden our knowledge on various subjects and further challenge ourselves to reach our "Summit".

In conjunction with our February Wellness Topic of "Simplifying Meal Planning", we will be diving into a book that specializes in the pursuit of less, Essentialism: The Discipline Pursuit of Less.

>>>Click here to purchase your February Book<<

Feel free to check out your book from your local library to avoid having to purchase! 

Please make sure to share with us things you are learning/discovering with your monthly reads as your insight will be inspiring to the others in our tribe. 

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There's nothing quite like the power of a good sweat to supercharge your day and make you feel unstoppable.

You aren't getting to your Summit by sitting on the couch watching everyone else do so. It's YOUR time to climb that mountain. 

>>>CLICK HERE for your February workout GUIDE<<<


+ As you continue to get stronger, invest in heavier dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell weight, etc as this is the only way to continue improving overall strength is to challenge your muscles with heavier weight. 

+ Try not to speed through movements that are difficult as this will compromise your form and make you more prone to injuring yourself. Slow and controlled is the name of the game to build a strong core and give you the best bang for your buck in your workout. 

+ If you are trying to work up to pullups (and I hope you are!), check out my youtube video on how to do so: Pullup Progress Video

+ Whenever possible, take your weights outside and get some vitamin D while you sweat! 

+ Have fun, get creative and ASK QUESTIONS in the private FB group as they arise. 

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I'm a believer in learning how to feed yourself without me telling you exactly how to eat. That's exactly why I created the 6 Power Foods System so you have a blueprint for amazing nutrition with the flexibility to eat as you desire. 

However, life gets crazy, food menus get boring and new ideas keep things spicy in the kitchen!

Your monthly meal plan features a menu with new recipes each month + a shopping list. Use this as you see best fit without feeling obligated to follow it exactly. 

>>>Click here for your February Meal Guide<<<

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In the Summit Fit Lifestyle, we believe there is nothing more powerful than knowledge. 

Each month we equip you with a Wellness Seminar + Handout to bring you cutting-edge information to enhance your wellness journey. 

February Wellness Handouts

+ The 6 Power Foods Meal Planning Guide

+ Interactive Meal Planner (the one you can fill in for yourself!)

EXTRA >>> How to Soak + Sprout Grains, Legumes and Seeds (our Wellness Expert of the month, Karin Eckert, will be discussing and demonstrating this in our webinar)